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Rahul Gandhi hadn’t heard of ‘lynching’ before 2014, here is a ready reckoner of India’s bloodied history featuring his family members

Rahul Gandhi is smart, he knows how to use the ecosystem when you are losing the narrative war.

Murder of youth in Golden Temple not the first mob lynching by Sikhs for alleged sacrilege, here are some such cases in the past

Either lynched on the spot or murdered later, 5 incidents when accused were killed for alleged sacrilege of Sikh Holy Books in last 6 years

Another mob justice for blasphemy in Punjab: Youth thrashed by Sikhs for alleged sacrilege of Nishan Sahib in Kapurthala district

Youth brutally thrashed on charges of disrespecting the Nishan Sahib at a Gurdwara in Nizampur village in the Kapurthala district of Punjab.

Man accused of sacrilege lynched at Golden Temple in Amritsar, video shows people hailing instant mob justice

A man was killed in Amritsar after he picked up a kirpan placed next to the Holy Granth Sahib at the sanctum sanctorum of Golden Temple

Main accused in Jorhat mob lynching case dies after hit by a vehicle while trying to escape from custody, Assam DGP quotes Newton’s third...

Niraj Das, main accused in lynching of Animesh Bhuyan in Jorhat. was hit by an escort car after he jumped out of police vehicle to escape

Jharkhand: 46-year-old carpenter Pankaj beaten to death in Khunti, Istiyak, Nazir and Suhail arrested

A carpenter named Pankaj Choudhary was brutally beaten to death by 3 persons named Istiyak, Nazir and Suhail.

Nihangs planning ‘mahapanchayat’ at Singhu border, threaten to free the arrested murderers by force and kill again over ‘blasphemy’

The Nihangs have demanded a case be registered against Lakhbir Singh, and have stated that they will kill again if incidents of 'blasphemy' occur.

‘He was the biggest believer of Guru Gobind Singh,’ laments Lakhbir Singh’s wife, Nihangs blame govt while remaining unapologetic

The family of Lakhbir Singh is in a state of shock, haunted by the videos of their son begging for his life.

No Sikh priest attends cremation of Lakhbir Singh after Sikh body ordered not to perform religious rituals, villagers stay away from last rites

On Saturday, the National Commission for Scheduled Castes raised objection for denial of decent last rites to Dalit Sikh Lakhbir Singh.

Two more Nihang Sikhs arrested in Singhu border lynching case after they were felicitated by fellow Nihangs

After Saravjeet Singh and Narain Singh, Nihang Sikhs Bhagwant Singh and Govind Singh arrested in the Singhu border lynching case

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