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On 30th December, a Muslim man, Kabul Miyan was lynched to death by a mob on the suspicion of cow theft in Araria, Bihar. The ghastly incident took place after two cows and a calf was stolen from another Muslim man, Muslim Miyan
Subodh Kumar Singh was transferred and removed from the Dadri case after he had refused to change meat found in Akhlaq's house
Unfortunate incident has been given a communal twist by the usual suspects, terming the death as 'lynching' and 'hate crime'
The police examined CCTV footage and no 'black SUV' which reportedly opened fire at them could be seen
The apology appeared in small fonts which could be easily missed
Incidents of villagers attacking the Police to rescue criminals have become increasingly frequent in the region.
He had earlier said that he won't come back due to fear of mob lynching
A call for his lynching is made in the name of “just laughs.” Shias, meanwhile, are no Muslims in their eyes.
Earlier he had advocated for persecution and jail for media houses that are highlighting Pakistan's attempt to spread discord in India
Rizvi stated that cattle smuggling needs to be tackled with strict punishments
With 2019 getting closer, politicians stooping to new lows for few votes
The accused reportedly even bosted to the victim's brother
Jayant Sinha is angry and upset over Congress President's personal attack on him.
Two other people, including a transgender, were also injured by the mob.
Later people found an alleged Facebook account of the suspect and mobbed him online.
How the 'fake news' about Dadri lynching accused getting government jobs spread.
You might be strongly inclined to believe so, but it isn't satire.
The Kashmiri Pandits speak to us about this refusal of justice
The family of the main accused claim that Junaid had phoned in and called people who made the fight fatal.
The gruesome killing of the J&K police officer was reportedly recorded on a video, but never released.
A dangerous lie is being spread across media outlets that "97% of cow related violence" happened after Modi came to power.
Tehseen Poonawala, brother in law of Robert Vadra, wrongly claimed on Twitter that his driver was lynched by a mob.
A response by Anand Ranganathan about use of data to prove whether mob lynchings have gone up.
Violent protests had taken place in Jamshedpur over wrong claims about Muslims being lynched over beef.
Many protesters failed to hide their real agenda of politics and hate while pretending to care for 'humanity'.
They may not be directly sponsored or conceived by the party, but read why such narratives help the Congress.
This the latest narrative launched to benefit those who patronised the 'journalists' and 'activists' for decades.
Even though details were available, NDTV pushed out a headline and details that didn't show the real picture.
An unfortunate incident of lynching in Jharkhand was given communal colour by the Huffington Post.

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