Topic: Mahabharata

Stamps present just the opportunity to showcase the glorious heritage of Hinduism
He said the detractors of his party will be slayed with "Sudarshana Chakra".
The Congress party's history of peddling an anti-Hindu agenda is well known
the findings, dated around 2200-1800BC suggest the existence of a highly evolved warrior clan in the pre-iron age
What Rama knew in the Treta Yuga, sage Narada had to impart to Yudhishthira in the Dwapara Yuga. In Kaliyuga, we have neither
Congress' own tactics are being used against them
The International astronomical union has confirmed the names which were proposed by NASA's New Horizon team
A Youth Congress leader thought it was a good idea to depict Rahul Gandhi as Shri Krishna
The book is a beautiful exploration of human contradictions

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