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Congress distances itself from Shivraj Patil’s comments saying Gita teaches Jihad, Jairam Ramesh says the remarks are unacceptable

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said that Shivraj Patil comparing Gita with Jihad is unacceptable

5 dangerous tropes and falsities that Shivraj Patil is encouraging by comparing Jihad with the Mahabharat war or Dharma Yuddh

Congress leader Shivraj Patil stirred the hornet’s nest after he claimed that the concept of ‘Jihad’ is a part of the Bhagavad Gita and that it was taught to Arjuna by Lord Krishna.

Did You Know? In 2011, Supreme Court had termed Guru Dronacharya’s act of seeking Eklavya’s right thumb as Guru Dakshina as ‘shameless’

The Court had said that Guru Dronacharya favored his disciple Arjuna over Eklavya and deliberately demanded the latter's right thumb so that he may never become the best archer. "This was a shameful act on behalf of Guru Dronacharya", the bench had said.

‘To understand Indian thought process, it is necessary to study the Mahabharata’: Dr Jaishankar explains ‘the India way’ through the greatest story ever told

In his book 'The India Way' Dr Jaishankar explains why, for India to understand its strategies and choices, and for the world to understand India, it is necessary to study the Mahabharata, 'the greatest story ever told'.

Mahabharata lesson and reference to Hindu icons – Did you catch these hidden symbols in The Kashmir Files?

Netizens point out subtle references to the gods of Hindu religious scriptures in the movie The Kashmir Files

From comparing implementing HC order on hijab to ‘genocide’ to likening burqa clad women to Draupadi, arguments by ‘liberals’ turn wild

Arguments in Karnataka hijab row escalate to another dimension as 'liberals' lose their sense of proportion in defending burqa-clad pro-hijab people

IIM Ahmedabad set to launch course on Bhagwad Gita for corporates, will teach management and leadership

"If we have to teach managers these skills, what better way than the life of Lord Krishna? His is the best life example to teach effective leadership," said the IIM-A professor.

The forgotten ‘Abba Jaan’ controversy: How the Left claimed that ‘Pita Shri’ of Mahabharat was inspired by ‘Abba Jaan’

Scroll has attributed the origins of words like 'Matashree' and 'Pitashree' to Rahi Masoom Raza who they claimed was inspired from Urdu words.

CJI Ramana says 45 million pending cases do not indicate whether Judiciary is functioning poorly, invokes Shri Krishna as a mediator

CJI NV Ramana made the comments on the pendency of cases at the India-Singapore Mediation Summit 2021.

New Book on The Block: IIM-A alumnus Ami Ganatra and her journey to becoming an author with ‘Mahābhārata Unravelled’

Ami Ganatra, a new author on the block has come up with her much-awaited soon-to-be-released book 'Mahābhārata Unravelled.’

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