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Muslim cleric used to rape while his wife stood guard: Minor girl in UP’s Meerut sexually assaulted in a mosque and blackmailed with videos...

The Maulana raped the minor victim for 2 months by blackmailing and threatening her to make her private videos viral.

Allah will not forgive you: Maulvi Shahnawaz repeatedly raped 16-year-old after making her swear on Quran in Bihar, the minor now 7 months pregnant

The underage girl was sexually assaulted for over a year and her family came to know about it when she became pregnant.

Nupur Sharma murder conspiracy: More terrorists apprehended after Maulvi Sohail’s arrest, Pakistani links emerge

A terrorist named Mohammad Ali was found to hold dual citizenships of Indian and Nepal following his interrogation.

Pakistani man asks how many fellow Muslims have been raped or sexually abused by a Maulvi. Hundreds of responses will shock you

Replying to Faisal Rafi's question if people in Pakistan were raped by maulvi, a girl named Iqra said she barely knows any grl who hasnt been.

Taken to Delhi, raped at a hotel near Jama Masjid: Minor girl from Bihar raped by a madarsa cleric under the pretext of providing...

Maulvi Abdul Mannan, a teacher at Albanat Ekra Academy in Jehanabad, lured a minor girl to Delhi, where he raped her.

Uttar Pradesh: ‘Maulvi’ Sarfaraz arrested for forcing a Hindu woman to convert to Islam, had claimed to rid ‘ghosts’ and ‘evil powers’

According to the complainant, his mother removed idols and portraits of Hindu gods and goddesses from her home at the 36-year-old maulvi's command and even pressured her children and other family members to convert to Islam.

Gujarat: Porbandar Maulvi arrested for forbidding Muslims from saluting the tricolour and singing the national anthem, admits his voice in viral clip

A Muslim cleric from Porbandar has been arrested for issuing sermons saying that Muslims must not salute the national flag and sing national anthem

Bihar: Maulvi caught on camera doing obscene acts with a school girl, police launches investigation after video goes viral

Under the pretext of helping women and girls, the Maulvi has been exploiting them.

Jammu and Kashmir: Maulvi brutally beats up minor boy with sticks, ties him with a chain to keep him confined in a Madarsa

Maulvi Mohd Basharat of a local Madarsa in Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir has been accused of severely beating up an 11-year-old boy and keeping him chained in illegal confinement

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