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Uttar Pradesh: Maulvi Abdul Hafeez forces children to wash his private part in Madrasa, also accused of forcing them to clean him after defecation, complaint filed

The complainants described Maulvi Abdul Hafeez as very cunning, expressing concern that he wants to incite conflict among the villagers.

A shocking case of crime against a minor inside the premises of Madrassa has come to light from the Basti district of Uttar Pradesh. A Maulvi (cleric) named Abdul Hafeez is accused of committing obscene acts with minor students attending madrassa. It is alleged that he forced minors to wash his private parts. A child further alleged that the Maulvi also used to ask to wash his buttocks after defecation. He used to threaten students if they refused his directions. Consequently, many students started refusing to attend the Madrassa.    

On Thursday (11th June 2024), several villagers lodged a complaint with the District Superintendent of Police, demanding strict action against the Maulvi. After receiving the complaint, the police started investigating the matter. Meanwhile, the Maulana has denied the allegations. In his defence, he called the accusations baseless and stated that he would take legal action against the complainants.

This incident pertains to the Munderwa police station area in Basti district. In the village of Parsa Hajjam, a madrasa named Arabiya Shamsul Uloom has been operating for a long time. Many minor children from the village and its surrounding areas attend this madrasa to receive religious education. About three years ago, a Maulvi named Abdul Hafeez from the Munderwa police station area was appointed to teach children at this madrasa.

According to the complaint, the appointment of the cleric is part of a conspiracy by certain individuals to take control of the madrasa. It further states that Abdul Hafeez is merely pretending to teach the children, as some villagers are aiding and supporting him. Shortly after his appointment, children began complaining about the Maulvi committing atrocities. One of the victims is a child from Bihar.

The child called home and reported that Abdul Hafeez made the children wash his buttocks after he returned from defecating. He also accused the Maulvi of committing heinous acts with him. The family of the victimized student has recorded this complaint over the phone. In this recording, the child further said that he would no longer study at the madrasa.

The complainants expressed their embarrassment over the activities taking place in the madrasa. It has also been alleged that Maulvi Abdul Hafeez is being protected by Sadiq Ali’s son Muslim, Parvez Ahmed, Tawakkal Hussain, and a few other villagers. The villagers also fear that a conspiracy is being hatched to frame them instead.

OpIndia has accessed a complaint copy. The complainants described Maulvi Abdul Hafeez as very cunning, expressing concern that he wants to incite conflict among the villagers. He is also accused of luring many other children, committing inappropriate acts with them, and threatening them if they resist. About half a dozen villagers have signed this complaint letter.

The allegations against me are baseless, will take legal action: Maulvi

While talking to the media, Maulvi Abdul Hafeez dismissed the allegations against himself as baseless. He described it as a conspiracy to defame him and tarnish the reputation of the Madrassa. He has announced sending legal notices against those who tarnish his reputation. The cleric has alleged that Abraar Ahmad, Mohammad Sagir, Nisar, Mohammad Hakeem, Samsuddin, and Yunus threaten him on a daily basis.

Maulana Abdul Hafeez has expressed danger to his life from all these people. The legal advisor of the madrasa, Shoaib Azam, has called this complaint a conspiracy by influential people in the village to take over the madrasa. Meanwhile, the parents of the students studying in this madrasa have reached the area to take their children with them.

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