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Congress Shehzada insults Rajas and Maharajas, silent of atrocities of Nawabs, Nizams, Sultans, and Badhshahs: PM Modi rips into Rahul Gandhi

Tearing into Rahul Gandhi over his remark that "Rajas and Maharajas used to take away lands", PM Modi said that doesn't speak a word on atrocities of Islamic rulers due to vote bank politics

Kerala govt decides to teach content deleted from NCERT books, SCERT to publish supplementary textbooks

After getting the go-ahead from the state government, the Education Department is planning to introduce supplementary textbooks for classes XI and XII.

Reimposed ‘Jizya’ tax, forced Hindus to recite Quran verses: Revisiting Mughal tyrant Aurangzeb’s deep-seated hate for Hindus

The Hindus, who had somehow accustomed themselves to living with the Mughals during their early rule, were in for a rude shock when the dominion passed to Aurangzeb, a fanatic of Islam.

Editor of fraud-accused National Herald claims ‘Shivaji’s army’ raped women: The lies, perversion of history, the Bengal conquest and what we know

It is because of the decisive defeat of and subsequent heavy ransom imposed on the Mughal governor of Bengal that liberals often paint the revenge Maratha forces took for 22 commanders' murders in Bengal as atrocities and try to insinuate that even Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's army committed rapes because he too hailed from the Bhosale clan.

Gaurav Sawant vs Rajdeep Sardesai: When Sardesai praised the Mughals, and Sawant gave a befitting response

Rajdeep Sardesai got a befitting reply from his collegue Gaurav Sawant for praising Mughals.

Read how a CPM govt had ordered deletion of all mentions of atrocities by Muslim rulers, as party MP complains about ‘deleting Mughals’ from...

The letter written by Viswam is directly in contrast with the previous stance of the CPM government in West Bengal, which had ordered that there should be no mention of Muslim atrocities in textbooks during their tenure.

It is a lie, chapters on Mughals history not removed: NCERT director refutes media reports

The NCERT director has refuted media reports that chapters on the Mughal period have been dropped from class 12 history textbooks

‘Liberals’ and Islamists mock Rajputs after NCERT reportedly removes a chapter on Mughals

Mainstream media widely speculated that NCERT has amended its publications, notably the 12th-class History book, and removed certain chapters on the Mughal empire

Mughal lovers in India suffer a meltdown after Aurangabad city’s name changed to Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar

After Aurangabad was renamed, the President of the Tipu Sultan Party (TSP), said that break everything that Mughals built if you dislike them

Entry to Taj Mahal to be free for three days to mark 368th death anniversary of Shah Jahan

Entry to Taj Mahal and the main mausoleum inside the monument will be free from February 17 to 19

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