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Samrat Krishnadevaraya, the greatest and the most famous emperor of the Vijayanagara Empire

Emperor Krishnadevaraya was the greatest and most famous emperor of the Vijayanagara Empire

Aurangzeb was not a Hindu hater, claims NCP’s Jitendra Awhad

In a bid to defend Maharashtra Leader of Opposition, Ajit Pawar's Friday remarks on Chhattrapati Sambhaji, Awhad brought up the Mughal ruler during his interaction with the media on Monday.

Veer Baal Diwas – A tribute to the 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh’s four sons who were executed by the Mughals

The four Sahibzade Khalsa warrior princes were the sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji.

Lachit Borphukan: The hero of the 1671 Battle of Saraighat against the Mughals and preserver of Northeast Indian civilisation

Lachit Borphukan foiled Mughal bids to capture North East India, most notably in the battle of Saraighat in 1671.

‘Our history was distorted under a colonial conspiracy’: PM Modi at 400th birth anniversary celebration of Lachit Borphukan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Indian history was distorted under a conspiracy during the colonial era

On his 400th birth anniversary know all about Lachit Borphukan, the legendary Ahom general who inflicted a crushing defeat on tyrannical Mughals in 1671

'Mahaveer' Lachit Borphukan deployed a brilliant combination of guerilla tactics, subterfuge, diplomacy, daring and psychological warfare to defeat the much larger army of Mughals

His father wanted him to be a ‘Pir’, but Nehru made him India’s first education minister: Read how Abul Kalam Azad distorted history to...

Abul Kalam Azad, the first Education Minister of India, exalted Mughals and attempted to whitewash their sins by obfuscating history.

Bandi Chhor Diwas: Read about the significance of Diwali in this Sikh festival

Sikhism has its roots in Hinduism and in recent years there have been attempts to create a wedge between the Hindu and Sikh community.

Pakistanis attack Congress MP Shashi Tharoor over a ‘Mughal’ meme on Pakistan’s abysmal fielding in Asia Cup final

Shashi Tharoor shared a picture he received on WhatsApp that showed a man dressed in clothes from the ‘Mughal era’ dropping a catch.

As Owaisi attacks Jyotiraditya Scindia over ‘Mughals attacked India’ comment, here is a brief history of Razakars, perpetrators of Hindu genocide

Owaisi attacked Civil Aviation Minister Scindia on Sunday for stating that "Mughals attacked India."

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