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From spraying acid-like liquid on Hindu girls to brutal attacks and vandalism: List of incidents where radical Islamists created ruckus during Navratri

This year, like any other past years, Islamists attacked the recently concluded celebration of the feminine divine at Durga Puja/Navratri

The hypocrisy of ‘moderate Muslim intellectuals’: Navratri, Garba, rampant violence by the Islamists and the feminine divine

Almost every year, while Hindus across the world celebrate the feminine divine during Durga Puja/Navratri, Moderate Muslim Intellectuals come out of the woodwork to use the festival to prove just how tolerant, embracing and respectful they are towards Hindus.

“Who allowed them in our festival?” – Madhusudan’s father opens up after Muslim men stabbed his son for opposing molestation

Navratri is a Hindu festival where goddess Durga and her nine forms are worshipped by Hindus. Islam considers idolatry as the biggest sin and punishable with death.

How Islamists, ‘liberals’ cry foul over public flogging of stone-pelters but give free pass to the crime they committed on Hindus celebrating Navratri

The incident was further amplified by the Indian American Muslim Council, which shrewdly omitted the mention of stone pelting by the Islamists.

Gujarat: Muslim bouncers hired for Garba event in Surat face protest as Bajrang Dal activists intervene and get them to leave, watch visuals

Bajrang Dal activists allege that Muslim bouncers hired by the organisers gave fake Hindu names when inquired.

Vadodara: 4 Muslim students attack Hindu students with iron belts, stones after they were asked not to play Islamic songs during Garba event

Four booked for attacking six Hindu students with iron belt and stones after they objected to Islamic songs at Garba event

Gujarat: Kheda youth Arif and Zahir lead a mob, pelt stones during Navratri celebrations

Arif and Zahir objected to Navratri celebration in the village and said that the Navratri celebration should be stopped.

‘Muslims must stay away from Garba’: A viral tweet and a conversation I must have with my readers

Muslims should stay away from Garba, because it is a deeply religious celebration of the Navdurga - Here is why

Gujarat: Muslim teacher makes students perform Tajia instead of Garba during Navratri

Students were asked to come to school to play Garba, but were made to perform mourning dance as per Tajia instead.

From Neeraj Chopra to PV Sindhu to foreign diplomats: All roads lead to Gujarat for Garba and Navratri

Gujarat celebrates Navratri with nine nights of dancing, known as garba, where dance is the form of worship for the goddess. Many people also fast for all nine days.

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