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One would image that AAP and Congress would be in a fierce battle to defeat BJP in Delhi, but is that really the case?
As the talks of a coalition with Congress failed, AAP is going to be contesting on all the 7 seats of Delhi.
According to the IT Department, Bhargav had failed to disclose the source of an income of Rs 8 crore that he had invested in a company called Skyline Construction Private Limited.
Gambhir joined bJP today in the presence of Finance minister Arun Jaitley and Ravi Shankar Prasad.
Protestors demanding justice for the victims raised slogans against the Congress party and its leaders.
The members of the Hindu and Sikh Community do not consume Halal meat.
The girl's mother petrified to stay in the Muslim dominated area said that they would leave the area once her daughter was traced
 The Parliament House had been attacked once earlier, by Kashmiri separatists, in 2001
The government made the statement with regards to a petition filed by an NGO
The celebration like every other year, was a splendid affair
There are some pretty interesting facts
The proxy of the JuD leader even finished above the Pakistan People's Party candidate
Rohingyas Muslims allowed to stay India on humanitarian grounds might be becoming a serious security threat for the nation

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