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Actor Kareena Kapoor served notice for using ‘Bible’ in the title of her pregnancy memoir

Advocate Christopher Anthony file a petition against Kareena Kapoor over her book, raising concerns about the use of the word "bible" in the title, contending that it could be seen as disrespectful to the Christian community.

Election Commission sends notice to Delhi minister Atishi over her charge that BJP told her to ‘join BJP or face arrest’

The Election Commission on Friday sent a notice to AAP leader and Delhi Minister Atishi over her claim that the BJP approached her for membership

Thinking of joining the MPhil course? It is no longer a recognised degree: Read what the UGC said

UGC issued public notice warning students against MPhil programs offered by few universities and reminded that it was discontinued by the commission last year.

Indian govt’s Computer Emergency Response Team sends notice to Apple over ‘state-sponsored hacking attempt’ alerts, begins investigation

CERT-In has started its investigation in the Apple threat notification issue raised by opposition MPs. has sent notice to the company

Delhi High Court issues notice to Centre, EC over petition challenging use of acronym ‘I.N.D.I.A.’ by Opposition

I.N.D.I.A. is an acronym for Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance, which is an opposition front announced by the leaders of 26 parties to take on the BJP in next year's elections, stated the petitioner.

Rahul Gandhi questioned over ‘rape’ remark is not politics, but that’s how police is supposed to work, here is why

While Congress cries political vendetta over Delhi Police notice to Rahul Gandhi over his gang rape comment, the police is doing is duty to punish the rapists

Delhi police issues notice to Rahul Gandhi for details of women who allegedly told him during BJ Yatra that they were raped

Delhi police issued notice to Rahul Gandhi over his claims that women had told him in Srinagar that they were sexually assaulted

Arvind Kejriwal asked to pay back to govt the money Aam Aadmi Party spent on political advertisement

As per reports, if AAP fails to pay the money, legal action will be taken per LG's orders. The properties owned by the party can be attached for recovery as part of the legal action as per the law.

Supreme Court issues notice on petition seeking action under UAPA for so-called anti-Muslim hate crimes

Shaheen Abdullah had filed this petition urging to invoke UAPA against so-called-anti-Muslim hate crimes.

US issues travel advisory to its citizens planning to go to Pakistan, cites terrorism and kidnappings

US government told its people in Pakistan to be cautious citing the possibility of violent conflicts in several areas.

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