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‘Door was shut, didn’t see how the fire started’: Survivors narrate their ordeal after bus with pilgrims returning from Mathura, Vrindavan engulfed in flames...

Recalling the incident, one of the survivors said, “We started running towards the door but the door was locked from outside then all decided to jump out of the window to save themselves.

‘Why did you fill the water before us, you Ch*m*r’: Muslim women assault Dalits in Nuh, threaten to kill them if they don’t leave...

In Nuh, a Muslim mob hurled casteist slurs at a Dalit family and assaulted them for filling water from a tubewell.

Today police saved you, Saa**e we will end your life: Hindu family in Nuh attacked by Zubair, Akhlaq, Junaid and others, threats issued to...

The accused also mistreated the females of the victim family in Haryana's Nuh and stole Rs 23,000 from their store.

Massive crackdown on cyber crime in Mewat: Nuh Police arrests 42 cyber criminals; 50 mobile phones, over 90 SIM cards and fake Aadhar IDs...

The special operation against cyber crime in Nuh began on Saturday and continued till late Sunday evening. 

Haryana: People climb walls of school buildings to help students cheat in board exams, video viral

On Wednesday (6th March), people scaled the walls of a school building in Nuh district, Haryana, to assist students in cheating on their Class 10 board exams.

Strings of Rajasthan illegal beef market tie the case to Nuh: High alert raised over suspected presence of 20 active cow smugglers and 12...

Information of 20 cow smugglers operating in Nuh district was revealed during interrogation of the suspects apprehended in illegal beef market case in Rajasthan

Haryana: Three Rohingya men sentenced to ten years in jail for trafficking and raping two Rohingya women in a Nuh refugee camp. Read full...

3 Rohingya men were sentenced to ten years of rigorous imprisonment for trafficking two Rohingya women from Bangladesh to Nuh, Haryana in 2021, and raping them

Nuh: 2 minors who pelted stones at Hindu women going for ‘Kuan Pujan’ sent to juvenile home, 1 granted bail

One of the stone pelters in Nuh is 9 years old, while other two are 12 years old. They are students of a nearby madrasa.

Stone pelted at Hindu women: Nuh police confirm ‘children’ from Madrasa did it, three juveniles arrested, Maulana summoned for interrogation

Haryana's Nuh district, a gathering of Hindu devotees, predominantly women, faced an assault from a nearby madrasa while participating in the 'Kuan Pujan' ritual.

Nuh: Stones pelted by madrasa ‘children’ on Hindu women going for Puja, several injured, Police summon Maulvi as tension grips area

The women were heading to the temple at around 9 pm when stones were pelted at them from a madrasa

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