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‘Why did you fill the water before us, you Ch*m*r’: Muslim women assault Dalits in Nuh, threaten to kill them if they don’t leave the town

This incident occurred in the jurisdiction of Taavdu police station. Dalit woman Rajni, residing in the Sahseelapatti village, filed a complaint with the police on April 22, alleging that Muslim women assaulted them for filling water from the tubewell and hurled casteist slurs at them.

In the Nuh district of Haryana, a case of assault by a Muslim mob on a Dalit family has come to light. It is alleged that when Dalit women were filling water from the tubewell, Muslim women started assaulting them and said that this place was meant for them to fill water. Shortly thereafter, men from the Muslim family also joined in the anti-Dalit violence.

The victims allege that they were subjected to caste-based slurs during this time. The attackers threatened them to leave the village or face death. Half a dozen Dalits injured in the violence have been admitted to the hospital. The incident took place on April 17, 2024. Meanwhile, the police have initiated an investigation by registering an FIR on Monday (April 22, 2024). A total of 18 assailants have been named in the FIR.

This incident occurred in the jurisdiction of Taavdu police station. Dalit woman Rajni, residing in the Sahseelapatti village, filed a complaint with the police on April 22. In her complaint, Rajni explained that around 8 p.m. on April 17, she went to fill government tubewell water with some other women from her family. Some Muslim women were also filling the water there.

Rajni stated that during this time, Asmina, Rahmati, and Maksudan began throwing utensils belonging to Dalit women when they saw them. When Rajni questioned the Muslim women about it, they said, “You belong to Ch*m*r (low caste), how can you fill water before us?” When Rajni opposed the casteist insults, all three Muslim women attacked her and beat her up.

The victims say that they managed to escape somehow to save their lives. Meanwhile, the Muslim women reached home and gathered people. Shortly after, a Muslim mob ran towards the Dalit houses. The attackers, carrying sticks, rods, and axes, barged into the houses of all the victims. There, they hurled casteist abuses at the families along with physical assault. According to the complaint, the attackers said, “You low-borns, today we will kill you. Today, we will teach you a lesson.”

Anyone who came to intervene during the Muslim mob’s attack on Rajni and other Dalit women was brutally beaten. During the assault, the women sustained injuries on their noses, hands, eyes, shoulders, legs, chests, and faces. After nearly half a dozen victims were injured, the accused began vandalizing their homes. In this rampage, fans, utensils, and tin roofs were destroyed. Even the autos parked outside the houses were damaged. The attackers spared no animals either; they pelted stones at the tied cows and buffaloes outside the victims’ houses.

Stones pelted at victim’s house

Upon hearing the commotion, some other villagers gathered, which saved the lives of the victims. Some of the attackers, who returned from the scene of the incident, also threatened the victims in the returning crowd. They said, “Today we spared you, you low-borns and wretches. If you ever dare to fill water before us again or even look at us the wrong way, we will kill you.”

Continuing their threats, they further said, “If you want to live in our village, know your place. What right do you have in front of us?” If this incident is reported anywhere or brought before any official, they won’t allow you to stay in the village. They will chase you away from here and ensure you never enter the village again.”

After the attackers left, the victims began arranging medical treatment for the injured. Some of the injured were admitted to Nalhar Medical College. Ramveer, who was seriously injured, has been referred to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. In the complaint filed with the police, Rajni also mentioned that they had been insulted with casteist slurs before.

Describing the attackers as thugs and ruffians, the victims expressed fear for their lives and belongings. The delay in filing the FIR was attributed to the victims being occupied with the serious injuries of their family members. A copy of the primary complaint filed by Rajni is available with OpIndia.

The police have initiated an investigation by registering an FIR against the assailants, including Alisher, Sohel, Farukh, Sali Muhammad, Aslum, Aslam, Shaharoon, Mahboob, Mufid, Sharukh, Usman, Sheru, Ikram, Sahoon, Ramzan, Asmina, Rahmati, and Maksudan. Action has been taken under sections 148, 149, 323, 452, and 506 of the IPC and the SC/ST Act. The police are actively investigating the case.

No Hindu temple in the village

OpIndia spoke with Charanjeet, who was injured in the incident. Charanjeet informed us that there are about 14-15 households of Hindus in his village, who belong to the Dalit community. Apart from this, there are about 400 households of the Muslim community in the village. According to Charanjeet, the people of the Scheduled Caste in the village are devotees of Lord Mahadev and Mother Durga, but out of fear, they have not built any temples in the village.

Charanjeet mentioned that during the last Navratri, he observed fast with his family, but they were forced to worship at home without drums and cymbals. Similarly, victim Rajni also mentioned that she and other Dalits in the village are regularly subjected to verbal abuse and threats by members of the Muslim community.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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