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objectifying women

‘Why men prefer women with sharp curves’: Meet former IPS officer, fielded by Mamata Banerjee as TMC candidate for Lok Saba election

Following backlash on social media, Prasun Banerjee quickly deactivated his account. He did not bother to cite any apology or reassure the residents of the Malda North constituency.

Tamil media channels slammed for moral policing, shaming women in a case of revenge against a Chennai pub

Local Tamil media channels hounded women and moral policed them for their choice of clothes and visiting a pub, videos of which have gone viral on social media.

‘Breasts main focus, less emphasis on bra’: Adidas’ ‘inclusive’ sports bra ad featuring bare breasts gets banned in UK for concerns over ‘explicit nudity’

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the United Kingdom, has banned a series of Adidas sports bra ads due to its 'explicit nudity

Hslut4Mstud: Hindu women sexually objectified, targeted with pornographic content on Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr ‘for Muslim studs’

Users in the Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr community posted images of Hindu girls with objectionable comments portraying them as sexual objects for Muslim men.

From ‘fire in Mamata Banerjee’s panties’ to rape jokes: Vices that torment India’s comic scene

From objectification of women to innuendos on women's virginity, Indian comedians have a habit of perpetuating immoral behaviour under the guise of “comedy”

Police lodges FIR after AMU student receives threats from another student, told she will be forced to wear “brass hijab”

Police file FIR after AMU students threaten female student for saying girls in the University are forced to cover themselves up in hostels

Men’s grooming product brand Qraa Men removes ad campaign after social media outrage for objectifying women

Men grooming product brand Qraa Men attracted sharp criticism for objectifying women in latest ad campaign

AMU girl complains about being threatened and hounded since CAA was passed, told she will be made to wear “brass hijab”

Calling her a "Sanghi", the fellow AMU students had attacked her for calling out sexualisation of women in the varsity

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