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Ministry of Home Affairs recommends CBI probe against Oxfam India over FCRA violations

Oxfam India's FCRA license ceased on 1st January 2022 after the organisation failed to apply for renewal.

From Infosys leader to Oxfam director: who are the members of the committee set up by SC to review regulatory mechanism in Adani Hindenburg...

Somasekhar Sundaresan is board member of Oxfam India whose International arm has run campaigns against Adani.

Bottom 50% of Indians pay 64% of GST: Oxfam India’s claims about ‘disproportionate’ taxing of poor is ‘mathematically impossible’. Here is why

Taking the bottom 50% of the population as 70 crores, Diva Jain calculated the monthly income of the cohort using the data provided by Oxfam India.

Oxfam says reporting rape cases harms black and marginalised people, blames ‘privileged white women’ for root causes of sexual violence

Oxfam says that fighting against sexual assault legitimises criminal punishment, which harms black and other marginalised people

United Kingdom cuts off Oxfam’s funding after new sexual exploitation allegations rock the international NGO

In 2018, the UK had suspended funding to Oxfam due to allegations of sexual exploitation against staff in Haiti.

A dangerous development: Oxfam India CEO invites Congress to form an ‘alliance’ with civil society

The CEO of Oxfam also argues that the Congress party should work closely with "civil society".

Oxfam Sex Abuse: Victims of sex abuse were sent back to conflict zones to protect sexual predators, ‘poor behaviour’ tolerated

The report by the Charity Commission claims that Oxfam "tolerated poor behaviour" and it approached allegations with the desire "to protect its reputation and donor relationships”.

NGO that filed complaint against Rafale Deal is partners with George Soros’ Open Society, Misereor and Oxfam among others

The complaint against the Rafale deal filed by NGO Sherpa against the Rafale deal should be treated with extreme caution.

Oxfam deputy head resigns over Haiti prostitution scandal

The Times newspaper has alleged cover-up after an investigation.

Rahul Gandhi scores a self-goal while trying to attack Narendra Modi over wealth inequality

Rahul Gandhi can't blame Modi for the sins of his Govt

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