Saturday, July 24, 2021


Pakistani Hindus

Pakistani minister opposes restrictions on the religious conversion of minors, says ‘it’s their choice’

During a meeting of the Senate parliamentary committee on minorities' rights, Noorul Haq Qadri said the government does not support a restriction on religious conversion before 18 years of age.

Pakistan: Provincial govt withdraws cases against 350 accused in the Krishna temple demolition case claiming Hindus have ‘pardoned’ them

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa govt in Pakistan claimed that accused in Hindu temple burning case were pardoned by Hindu groups

Pakistan: 60 Hindus mass converted to Islam in Sindh, accused flaunts videos of Kalma recitation on Facebook

"The only objective in the life of a Muslim is to make Allah happy," the cleric could be seen saying to the new converts

Abduction, sexual assault, persecution: ‘Stateless’ documentary shows a window into the how it is to live as a Hindu on Pakistan

Actor Anupam Kher to release documentary 'Stateless' on July 11, 2021 to give a glimpse on the lives of persecuted religious minorities in Pakistan

Pakistani woman appeals to Indian govt to grant travel visa to marry her Indian boyfriend, who she met on Facebook

After waiting for more than a year to meet her partner living in India, Pakistani national Suman Rantilal has appealed to the Modi government

‘Why are Pakistani Hindus not vaccinated yet?’ Rajasthan HC questions state govt

Sajjan Singh, the amicus curiae appointed on behalf of the Pakistani minority migrants, reported that even the Pakistani minority migrants who have already been declared as citizens of this country but do not possess an Aadhaar card have been kept out of the vaccination drive.

Pakistan: Job vacancy for sanitary workers only limited to ‘non-Muslims’, discriminatory ad sparks outrage

Pakistani Hindu rights activists questioned as to why such menial jobs are allocated to non-Muslims specifically.

Pakistan: Minor Hindu girl made to recite Kalma while getting raped, rapist ‘demand custody’ as she can’t return to ‘kafir parents’

The victim was gang-raped constantly over four days by one Muhammad Tanveer and his aides in Goth Ghulam Muhammad in Karachi in the Sindh province of Pakistan.

Pakistan: Hindu girl who was kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam seen in a video pleading for help

Social media is awash with a video of a Hindu woman who was kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married to a man in February 2021 crying for help

Majnu Ka Tila: Kejriwal govt abandons destitute Pakistani Hindu refugee, ‘Seva Bharati’ provides helping hand

RSS and Seva Bharti are providing a helping hand to Pakistani Hindu refugees at Majnu ka Tila camp.

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