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Calcutta HC orders high-level probe into abduction of a pig from Kalyani district court, directs legal action against police officer for inaction

The Calcutta HC ordered the probe into the mysterious disappearance of a pig that lived in the Kalyani District Court premises

Ukraine: Deputy Mayor of Dnipro city threatens to bury Muslim Chechen soldiers in pigskins

Deputy Mayor of Dnipro, Mykhailo Lysen said that Muslim Chechen soldiers will be sewn up and buried in pigskins

United States: Man who received pig heart in groundbreaking transplant dies after 2 months

David Bennett Sr, 57, had his failing heart replaced with that of a pig's in January 2022 at University of Maryland

Doctor behind pig-to-human heart transplant draws flak from family over the use of an animal forbidden in Islam: Details

While history was created by putting a pig heart in the human heart, the Muslim doctor behind the medical breakthrough got ‘remorse’ at home

Tamil Nadu: Muslims object to Hindus sacrificing pigs on their festival, says it creates unhygienic environment and pollutes the area

A week after sacrificing lakhs of animals on Bakrid, Muslims in Tamil Nadu objected to sacrifice of pigs by Kattu Nayakkar community

Suar ke bachche BJP, Suar ke bachche CISF: TMC leader Firhad Hakim asks peope to assault BJP workers, threatens CISF

Firhad Hakim threatened, "Let the elections get over. Then, our CID will take action against the 'progeny of pigs' CISF."

Pakistan: Police station taken over by stray pigs, cops terrorised

The cops waited outside the police station, leaving their arms and ammunition inside, as per reports.

Indus Valley Civilisation: From cattle to pig, here is what prehistoric people in Indian subcontinent ate, according to new research

The study suggests that the high percentage of cattle bones found suggest that there was a cultural preference for beef across Indus Valley Civilisation which was supplemented by mutton/lamb.

“Pig head in mosque in France?” Controversial Turkey Muslim group cries ‘Islamophobia’ over unconfirmed reports in Turkish media

Turkish media on Monday claimed that a pig's head was left in Grand Mosque in the city of Compiegne in Oise.

Uttar Pradesh: Dalit family gets beaten up by Muslims after pigs reared by former enters their house

In the Motipur area of Bahraich district, Uttar Pradesh, one Nasiruddin and his accomplices attacked a house of Dalit for rearing pigs.

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