Tuesday, March 2, 2021



Watch: Off-duty police officers shake a leg on the dance floor, video goes viral

Haryanvi song and off-duty police officers: a delightful combination

George Floyd case: In eight months, Minneapolis went from defunding Police to spending millions to recruit more officers

City council members of Minneapolis have decided to spend millions of dollars on recruiting more police officers to halt crime rate in the city.

Navy officer burnt to death in Palghar abducted from Chennai airport, new information casts doubt on dying declaration: Read details

The probe surrounding the navy man's death remains uncertain as details at variance with the dying declaration of Suraj Dubey emerge

Swords, mowing tractors and guns: What the Delhi police personnel are facing from rampaging protestors

A protestors was seen waiving automatic rifle in a video shared by Times Now. Speeding tractors are seen trying to run over police personnel.

Barabanki: Family wanted to get rid of mentally disabled girl, so killed her and created the story of rape and murder

The brother of the victim had strangulated her while the mother held her legs down. The brother had also hit her on the private parts to make it look like rape, the police said.

Pakistan: Police station taken over by stray pigs, cops terrorised

The cops waited outside the police station, leaving their arms and ammunition inside, as per reports.

Dehradun Police announces reward for providing information on absconding sister-in-law of senior Congress leader

Congress leader Kishore Upadhyay's sister-in-law Nazia Yusuf is wanted in a fraud case against her and her husband Sachin Upadhyay

Tamil Nadu: Doctor caught for drunk driving steals police patrol vehicle to go home

The doctor fought with the policemen and drove away in the patrol vehicle. He also rammed the vehicle to an auto, injuring three persons.

Gujarat: Imran, Zaid and 9 others arrested for attacking and injuring policemen during night curfew

One constable has received head injury, and another has been injured in the shoulder in the mob attack.

Chhattisgarh: Five including two women arrested after woman abducted, raped, and sold to multiple buyers in Delhi and Haryana

The woman was offered a drink laced with sedatives before her abduction and trafficking to Delhi and Haryana

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