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The police officers who were supposed to act to save the techies from being attacked by the Congress 'goons' not only remained silent but also unleashed its force against them for chanting pro-Modi slogans.
The protestors objected to the name of the bakery and demanded the owners to cover the Karachi part in its name.
The farmer from Guntur was tortured to death by the Guntur police for refusing to give his land at Kodaveedu in Guntur district to make a temporary helipad for Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu
Hindu's continue to be targeted in West Bengal under Mamata Banerjee's dictatorship
Khatua was reported missing by his family members on January 18 last month. His body was found yesterday near a drain behind the ordinance factory in Jabalpur.
The MP government to withdraw all criminal cases that were 'politically motivated'.
The top court, on July 3 2018, passed several directions on police reforms in the country and chronicled the steps for appointment of regular DGPs
Nishad Party was founded by former Bahujan Samaj Party leader, Sanjay Nishad
It would certainly be in the interest of Rajasthan police to get rid of an agency that has the temerity to lie on social media about the ongoing police investigation in Utambar just to cover their own tracks
In a video being widely shared, a person can be heard complaining about 'Aurangzeb Rule' in Rajasthan and the people sharing the video claim it is from Utambar, Rajasthan.
The contribution of Policemen to our nation and each of our lives deserves the highest respect.
The emails were exchanged after the arrest of the five alleged urban Maoists in June.
It is one the most bizarre encounters in recent times
This is an effort to help people who indulged in criminal activities lead a normal life.
The blast, according to the police is of ‘high intensity’. Iron Nails were also recovered from the blast site.
The police examined CCTV footage and no 'black SUV' which reportedly opened fire at them could be seen
The criminals allegedly fired 34 rounds at the police before being gunned down
Social media has been playing a pivotal role in helping law enforcement agencies
Violence has been reported in various parts of Bengal since the Panchayat elections
Javed Akhtar launches a personal attack on a Twitter user when he questions his hypocrisy
The 26-year old slain terrorist had appeared for the written and physical examination for the post in June.
Talib Hussain reportedly attempted suicide inside police custody
As per reports, one more operation is currently underway in the interiors of Sukma.
This comes 2 days after the trio raided a house and recovered 2 pouches of country liquor
Hyderabad City Police have clarified that the attack was due to a personal grudge developed by two regular offenders in the area
The accused in the past have allegedly mocked other religions as well are self-proclaimed atheists and rationalists.
Section 19 of the POCSO Act mandates that the information should be passed either to the Special Juvenile Police Unit or the Local police.
Delhi CM summoned for questioning by the Delhi Police.
Security forces recover 882 detonators, 482 in East Singbhum's Digri.
A businessman with the help of minor child's mother, sexually abused a 10-year old child in Kerala.

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