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Pride March

I am an 18-year-old progressive woman who supports LGBTQ rights, but I no longer support Pride Month: Here is why

I’m an 18 year old student from a privileged family. I consider myself a progressive woman. But I no longer support Pride Month.

US: Nude adults cycle in the Seattle Pride Parade attended by children and families

A group of nude adults cycled during the Seattle Pride Parade organised on June 26, which saw participation from young children.

Norway: Iran origin man opens fire at Pride parade venue in Oslo killing 2 and injuring several, police call it an Islamist terror act

Iran origin Islamist terrorist opens fire at LGBTQ Pride parade venue in Oslo in Norway, arrested

United States: Partially nude transsexual twerks in front of underage children during Pride March

Considered to be one of the largest parades in USA, the event witnessed the presence of both adolescent and pre-pubescent children.

Washington Post author supports inclusion of kinks in Pride marches, celebrates taking her minor children to Pride rallies attended by kinksters in gay bondages

Washington Post author Lauren Rowello wrote that is ok to expose toddlers to Pride rallies attended by Kinks displaying sexual acts

Azad Maidan police files sedition charges against 50 people for anti-national slogans at LGBTQ event

As per reports, Urvashi Chudawala was called for questioning on two occasions but she did not turn up for the preliminary inquiry. Reportedly, she has now gone underground.

LGBTQ members object to pro-Sharjeel Imam slogans chanted at Mumbai Pride parade

The event was led by Harish Iyer, who had joined the Congress party during the run-up to the General Elections 2019.

Mumbai Police denies permission for Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride 2020 at August Kranti Maidan

Every year, members of LGBTQIA+ community organise a rally in Mumbai to celebrate and commemorate the queer history

Dear LGBT Community, Azadi slogans are clearly not working, it’s time to chant Jai Shri Ram

The LGBT Community stands to gain nothing from adopting Leftist political stances.

Delhi Pride Parade: ‘Kashmir maangey azadi’, ‘Bharat Mata wants girlfriend’ slogans raised at the queer parade

Placards which read 'Bharat Mata wants a girlfriend' were also spotted at the Delhi Queer Pride Parade.

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