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Nudity and perversity litter streets of San Francisco and Toronto during LGBTQ Pride Parade: Onslaught of the degenerates and how it affects children

Does one need to walk naked or swim in a pool of urine to feel prideful about their supposed "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer identity?

Beginning from June 1st, this year, the “Pride Month” also called “Gay Pride”, saw numerous pride marches and events in various countries with members of the LGBTQ+ community coming together to celebrate their ‘identity’ and the 1969 “Stonewall Uprising” in Manhattan.

While Pride marches are supposed to be the celebrations of diversity, equality, and the LGBTQ+ community’s fight for rights, recent incidents of nudity and explicit behaviour during these events, particularly at the 2024 Pride marches in Toronto and San Francisco have raised eyebrows.

During the Toronto Pride Parade in Canada, multiple instances of public nudity and sexually explicit performances were reported. Some participants were seen wearing little to no clothing and engaging in provocative dances and perverse acts. This gross absurdity in the name of ‘pride’ was reportedly visible to all, including families and children present around.

These LGBTQ+ persons were seen doing obscene acts, going full to semi-naked, the organisers of such events had called it a “Family Pride” event. “Family Pride is a fun-filled experience on the grounds of Church Street School. Here families can indulge in face painting, a magic show, storytelling, and so much more,” organisers for a Family Pride event at the Church Street School in Toronto said.

Open display of vulgarity raises questions

While “Pride Month” is expected to be a celebration of the identity and rights of the LGBTQ+ community, the display of vulgarity at most of such events makes one wonder if degeneracy is the new “pride” or the perverts are hijacking the LGBTQ+ cause to legitimise and mainstream their perversion.

In the United States, the San Francisco Pride Festival drew sharp criticism as people were seen doing the most disgusting acts. In a video going viral on social media, a woman urinated on a man. A man was seen doing oral sex with another man while people watched and passed by. There was literally a “fetish zone” created during the pride parade last week. Moreover, there was a “spank booth” wherein participants were getting spanked, whipped and imitating sex acts on each other publicly.

A video from the San Francisco pride event showed an old man standing naked holding a rainbow flag and waving at the children. This was all happening in the presence of the police. The San Francisco Police allowed people to roam around naked in public, especially in the presence of children. Even the California Penal Code 314 defines the sex crime of “indecent exposure” and prohibits willfully exposing one’s private parts in a public place in the presence of another person.

The open degeneracy in the San Francisco Pride Festival sparked much-deserved outrage on social media. Taking to X Journalist Savannah Hernandez said, “San Francisco pride was the most shocking and disturbing event that I’ve ever witnessed. Shame on every parent who brought their child to this event and shame on the city for allowing what could only be described as a giant public orgy.”

It is beyond the comprehension levels of any sane person as to how exactly urinating on each other, and indulging in sexually explicit behaviour is a celebration of one’s supposed gender identity. Does one need to walk naked or swim in a pool of urine to feel prideful about their supposed “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer” identity?

Notably, during a drag march in New York City last year, its participants were heard saying, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.”

At the pride parade in Washington Square Park, people were also seen clashing and throwing things at each other. Moreover, some women were seen twerking on a white car.

A woman is seen twerking on a car as the NYPD tries clearing out Washington Square Park following brawls and hours of celebration on 30th June (Image: NYPost/FNTV)

Such sexually explicit behaviour during pride events has accrued over the last few years. Back in 2022, OpIndia reported about a similar event in Washington DC wherein a transsexual woman was seen twerking in front of children.

Ironically, while LGBTQ community members are often seen partaking in the pro-Palestine protests and yelling “Free Palestine” etc, even though the Hamas terrorists and Islam has zero regard for transgenders and the extended LGBTQ+ community, several anti-Israel protestors blocked their pride march in New York.

Notably, countries like Canada and the United States have actively encouraged families to attend pride events as part of what is often dubbed as broader efforts to promote inclusivity, acceptance, and education about LGBTQ+ issues. However, the presence of nudity and explicit behaviour at some pride events is certainly causing several negative repercussions.

Children may find exposure to nudity and sexually explicit activities in public contexts perplexing and unpleasant. They may lack the maturity to absorb these displays effectively, causing serious psychological distress. Early exposure to such explicit behaviour can influence a child’s understanding of appropriate behaviour and boundaries, potentially normalising public indecency. Several studies suggest that early exposure to explicit information can alter children’s concept of sexuality and personal boundaries in ways that are inappropriate for their age. Children exposed to such explicit behaviour may end up imitating it since they may form a distorted perception that such behaviour is “cool”.

While it is asserted that pride events are meant to foster tolerance and acceptance towards the LGBTQ+ community, sexually explicit acts overshadow the so-called message of equality and expose children to the risk of getting abused by paedophiles. It must be mentioned here that there have been attempts from several quarters, especially in the US, in recent years to “normalise” and “destigmatise” paedophilia by calling them Minor Attracted Persons instead of a paedophile. The self-proclaimed MAPs have been seeking acceptance from the LGBTQs.  

What began as an apparently well-intentioned attempt to educate and sensitise children to LGBTQ people so that they would grow up to accept it as a natural reality has devolved into complete madness. There have been reports about teachers revealing their sexual orientation and identity in the classroom. Incidents of exposing children to sexuality and sexual behaviour are becoming more widespread, which is cause for concern among parents. This grew out of control, with puberty blockers and gender identity becoming popular classroom themes. In an alarming report published by The Telegraph last month, an LGBTQ charity group in the United Kingdom is training teachers to inform children about hormone blockers. Probably, “We’re coming for your children” is not a mere slogan but a warning.

Several LGBTQ community members and their cheerleaders in politics and journalism argue that Pride events should be inclusive of all forms of expression, including kink and nudity, saying that they are integral parts of LGBTQ culture and history. They assert that Pride should be a space where people can express their sexuality freely without judgment and that children can “handle” it. However, Pride should focus on celebrating LGBTQ identity and achievements, rather than on sexual expression in public, in the presence of children. Kids and teenagers (below 10 years) are not supposed to see and handle ‘kink’ and other sexually explicit acts in public. They are supposed to develop their cognitive abilities and do well in academics and sports, develop interest and skills in whatever field that interests them. Let children be children and not be cheerleaders of perversion.  

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