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‘100 guests, maximum 10 dishes and not more than Rs 2500 for gift’: Congress MP’s bill seeks to restrict ‘wasteful’ expenses in Indian weddings

The proposed Bill sets limits on wedding guests from both the bride and groom's families, capping the number at 100. It also restricts the number of dishes served to 10 and imposes a maximum value of Rs 2,500 for gifts.

Shiv Sena MP introduces a Constitution Amendment Bill to check population growth

The Shiv Sena MP has introduced a Constitutional Amendment Bill to introduce a new provision - Article 47A into Part IV of the Constitution of India to incentivise people who keep their family limited to two children and seeks to withdraw every concession from people who fail to adhere to the small family norm. 

BJP MP asks PM Modi to bring minority institutions under the RTE act

The MP in the past had also introduced a private members bill

BJP MP introduces private bill in Lok Sabha to amend the Minority favouring RTE act

The MP wants the amendment of the controversial sections of the Right to education act

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