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Accusing Rahul Gandhi of defaming Hindus, BJP President Shah demanded the Congress President to apologise for the Hindu community, especially to the Hindus of India before the elections. 
Akbar Lone, NC Lok Sabha candidate for Baramulla, said that the country across is a Muslim country and abusing Pakistan would mean he is abusing himself
Popular website Reddit's India-centric subreddit has shown a very suspicious pattern on censorship and propaganda
Co-founder of self-proclaimed fact-checking portal Alt News, that often indulges in co-ordinated attacks against social media users with the help of Islamists, has yet again spread fake news in an attempt to incite communal violence.
Sudhir Chaudhary has outrightly denied the allegation of the video is fake and said they can present at least seven feeds to prove that pro-Pakistan slogans were indeed raised during the election rally.
In the full video of the Congress rally, Pakistan Zindabad slogan can be heard
The organisers and several other people are accused of raising anti-India slogans during the event.
Earlier, a mob running an illegal cow slaughterhouse had attacked a journalist
Incidents of stonepelting have been on the rise in the valley
Pro Pakistan slogans were allegedly raised after BJP lost Araria by-poll election to RJD
He says there is a 'trend' to pass processions through Muslim localities
She has alleged that the police were in cahoots with these smugglers

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