Topic: Pseudo-secularism

Dharma protects those who protect it
Hindus have tied up our hands in the name of 'secularism' which makes us incapable of protesting against minority appeasement. 
Ubaid had tried to retract the selfie after it created a stir
Every little smear thrown at Swami Vivekananda pushes the envelope just a little
The left-liberal class may break up India by dividing the society
The 'right' doesn't have 'Secular Privilege" and it's better that way
The Congress and the Left are anything but the harbingers of Freedom of Expression
The narrative of him being a communal figure is flawed to say the least
It is a shame he once wore a uniform.
Pseudo-seculars claim Diwali is not a Hindu festival.
Aurangzeb apologists try to portray him as a secular, sympathetic ruler which he was not.
Only in India you can live with so much of hate in your heart, and yet be termed a 'liberal'.
Twitterati shows the pseudo liberals the mirror
He virtually gave a clean chit to the Rohingya terrorists and blamed Myanmar Army.
Only two organizers have requested for procession for Muharram which coincides during the Pujo.
Anything against Hindus is secular for them.
Twitter reacts to the insensitivity towards Hindus in Pakistan.
In the coming days, whether Hindus in Bengal are able to stand up for their rights remains to be seen.
Three Ds - disguise, disenchantment, denial - are the quintessential 'qualities' of an Indian pseudo-liberal.
Many protesters failed to hide their real agenda of politics and hate while pretending to care for 'humanity'.
Liberals keep warning me about Bengali culture being threatened by Hindutva. I feel threatened by 'secularism'.
What actually prompted the constitution of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board
RIP secularism. RIP liberalism. RIP intellectualism.
Factors that led to the elevation of Yogi Adityanath and the challenges that lie ahead.

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