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Islamist threatens News 18 anchor Aman Chopra after ‘secular-liberals’ twist his statement and target him for highlighting crimes of stone pelting

On July 31, a Jalabhishek Yatra by Hindus in Haryana's Nuh was brutally attacked by local Meo Muslims. Though the mainstream media and their 'secular liberal' voices tried their best to pass it as 'clashes during a rally', social media videos and eye witness statements soon proved that it was a well-coordinated, planned attack.

Abhisar Sharma prematurely celebrates Blinken’s statement on human rights in India, then goes on an unhinged rant after Jaishankar’s response

Abhisar Sharma claimed that the two Indian ministers did not react to Blinken's remarks there by validating US claims. However, Sharma's claims were premature as Dr Jaishankar soon gave a 'befitting reply'.

For ‘Liberals’, there are 2 kinds of ‘Muslim areas’: One in cities where Hindus aren’t allowed, one inside their heads where all crimes by...

The assertion of the dharmic identity has proved 'provocative' to the secular geniuses, as their 'secularism' enfolded not separating the state and the religion, but rather claiming the state and destroying the religion.

‘Attack on Hindus is their own fault, they should not exist in Muslim areas’: This is how Liberals justify violence

However, apparently, the fault lies with the Hindus, because how dare they take out a procession and play songs for their festivals? For India's 'secular liberals', Hindus should be always accommodating, docile, subversive and never dare to exist in what they deem as 'Muslim areas'.

Shiv Sena mouthpiece calls The Kashmir Files ‘BJP propaganda’, advises Congress to throw away the ‘hijab’ of fake secularism

Shiv Sena has asked Congress to throw away the 'hijab' of fake secularism and counter the BJP's narrative in an effective manner.

Twenty years after the Godhra massacre, left-liberals still find no remorse and keep blaming Hindus for the carnage

The media, which should ideally have been reporting the truth on how a Muslim mob burnt Hindus to death, was far more bothered about being politically correct and whitewashing the crime, some even going forward to blame the victims for their own murders.

Bengal activist Roshni Ali upset with SC order rejecting blanket ban on firecrackers, says she will appeal in Calcutta HC again

Roshni Ali's plea in Calcutta High Court had led to blanket ban on firecrackers in West Bengal. The order was set aside by Supreme Court later.

Elle India quietly deletes wildly dishonest and controversial anti-Hindu article after getting mocked online

After facing backlash on social media, Elle India deleted the controversial article that had ranted against Hindus.

Pro AAP blogger fondly recalls old India where his friend used to cover photos of Hindu Gods for him to offer Namaz, gets slammed

Rifat Jawaid was miffed that in 'new India', appeasement in the form of covering up Hindu deities for Namaz is not encouraged.

A Hindu tweeting dislike for an ad is more dangerous than violent mob throwing stones, and radicals chopping off limbs, for ‘Liberals’

Radicals and fanatics are chopping off limbs, torching vehicles over allegations of 'blasphemy' but Hindus are branded terrorists because they did not like FabIndia ad.

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