Topic: Pseudo-secularism

Trying to understand why Uttar Pradesh voted the way it did
We have come to a point where talking about equal rights to Hindus is seen as 'communalism'.
Twitter users came up with funny suggestions for the West Bengal government that has found ‘Ram’ communal.
Is nation greater or religion for the "FoEktards"
Man arrested for a facebook post against Tipu Sultan; Media doesn't care about him
19 January 1990 will keep reminding us how a democratic system which boasts about secularism failed miserably
Double standards when it comes to different religions.
The best of 2015 all at one place
The laws and practices of India show that "secularism" followed in India is a farce.
A list of all the eminent people who have slammed award wapsee
The Man Who Lives By The Narrative...
Award Wapsee is drawing criticism from Scientists
A reminder to the media on what its role should be
Does India Media want communal riots to happen? What explains their acidic agenda?
Devious translations and convenient interpretations to whitewash Aurangzeb
A report by The Hindu is being cited as proof that there was never a ban on mid day meals in Kerala during Ramzan. How reliable is that?
A police officer writes how "adarsh liberals" are going on the wrong path over Yakub Memon issue.
Sreenivasan Jain has defended many people accused of financial impropriety.
Firstpost editor declared that Bajrangi Bhaijaan is communal because Salman Khan says "Jai Shri Ram"
First Post editor G. Pramod Kumar misleads his audience by hiding facts and twisting stories
A youth in Mumbai is denied employment because of his religion. This is not the first time when public institutions have discriminated people based on their religion
Individuals are using mainstream media as a platform to inject fear-mongering and lies among minorities. This must be checked.
Nepal is the latest go to place for Evangelical groups.
With 18 Lies, MSM has outdone itself for the month of April
Nepal was hit by a massive Earthquake, causing huge damages. Christian Missionaries took no time to propagate Gospel and Jesus.
Agra Chruch attack turns out be just another case in which Hindus were blamed even when they were not involved.
Times of India makes a U-Turn in face of facts.
Aakar Patel writes, "Most extremists in India are Hindu", and he is ruthlessly bashed on Twitter for his hatred.

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