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‘I cannot raise anti-Sanatan slogans, party is going directionless’: Rajasthan leader Gaurav Vallabh resigns from Congress

"I do not feel comfortable with the directionless way in which the Congress party is moving forward today. I can neither raise anti-Sanatana slogans nor abuse the wealth creators of the country. I am resigning from all posts and primary membership of the Congress party," Vallabh said.

Bharatpur: Mubarak seduces Hindu girl to perform nikah, changes her name to Ayesha, assaulted and confined by family to observe Ramzan & forced to...

The victim was studying in Noida and was taken by the accused to Jhenjhpuri village in Deeg, Bharapur

‘Take off your clothes, I want to see the injury marks’: Rajasthan magistrate booked for asking 18-year-old Dalit gang rape victim to strip

The Dalit victim was subjected to gang rape on 19th March and an FIR into the case was filed on 27th March.

‘Modi 10 saal se tumhari lagai aag bhuja raha hai’: PM Modi lashes out at Congress for fear-mongering ‘India on fire’ over Lok Sabha...

PM Modi lashed out at Congress for fear-mongering that India will be on fire over their imminent election defeat.

‘Hindus faint if you throw meat in their temple’: 3 Muslim kids detained after throwing meat chunks at temple in Rajasthan, released on court...

Police expressed concern that Muslim juveniles were brainwashed by the videos available online to the extent that they threw meat pieces in a Temple.

Rajasthan Ram Baraat attacked: Kota Muslims play victim, write to IG demanding action against ‘miscreants disrupting mosque prayers’

A group of Muslims in Kota demanded action against 'anti-social elements' over attack against Ram Baraat citing it 'disrupted their mosque prayers'.

Rajasthan: Ram Baraat passing near a mosque attacked in Kota’s Kaithun town, stones pelted and DJ system vandalised, several injured

Tensions erupted in Kota’s Kaithun town in Rajasthan on Friday (29th March) after the Ram Baraat was attacked from behind when it passed the nearby mosque

Love Jihad in Rajasthan: Imran traps a Hindu woman under false pretences, later abducts and gang-rapes her with Anwar and a Muslim cleric

Imran used a Hindu identity on Instagram to entrap the victim and proceeded to indulge in love jihad with her.

Jaipur: Asgar, Sharif, and Qayyum arrested for defrauding foreign tourists, would disguise as policemen to extort money

Asgar, Sharif, and Qayyum would coerced foreign tourists into giving them large sums of money by threatening them with imprisonment.

Disgraced former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt convicted after 28 years in 1996 Drug Peddling case where he tried to frame an innocent lawyer

Sanjiv Bhatt was arrested by the Gujarat CID on the accusation of falsely implicating the lawyer Sumersingh Rajpurohit by planting opium in a hotel room in Palanpur.

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