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In the two-page notice, Abhishek Banerjee has demanded an unconditional apology within 36 hours from Modi, failing which he would "initiate appropriate proceedings".
A small number of people attended Rahul Gandhi's rally in Uttar Pradesh's Sitapur, and most chairs were empty
Yesterday, a stray bull had entered the helipad area and created ruckus ahead of a joint SP-BSP-RLD election rally in Kannauj.
Taran Gujjar, the man who slapped Hardik Patel, explained that he had a problem with Hardik Patel shutting Gujarat down when "he wants to" while saying that Hardik thinks of himself a "Gujarat's Hitler".
The Lok Sabha elections which commenced today will be concluded in seven phases spread over a month
Accusing Rahul Gandhi of defaming Hindus, BJP President Shah demanded the Congress President to apologise for the Hindu community, especially to the Hindus of India before the elections. 
Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu called Prime Minister Modi a 'hardcore extremist' and his appeal to minority communities to not vote for Modi.
PM Modi stated that the time was ripe for the state to elect a strong, stable and decisive government that rises above petty politics to improve the lives of its people.
Rahul Gandhi publicly attacks CPM in Kerala, while his party Congress seeks to build an alliance with them in private
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in her debut election rally made a startling admission that after the decades she claims to have been in politics, this was the first time she had visited the Sabarmati Ashram.
Pakistan has been told what will happen to them if they don't mend their ways: PM Modi
Latest updates from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rally in Churu, Rajasthan. Rally is happening on a day India struck Pakistan inside their territory.
Prime Minister Modi to address a rally in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal tomorrow
Earlier today, after being denied to land his chopper, UP CM Yogi Adityanath addressed a rally in Bengal via telephone
Yogi Aditiynath addresses a public rally at West Bengal by telephone.
TMC government denies permission to Yogi Adityanath, for organizing a rally in the state,.
Amit Shah while addressing the rally, sneered the TMC chief on various issues
PM Modi and CM Nitish Kumar to attend a joint rally at Patna on March 3, to kickstart campaign for General elections in the state.
The BJP is set to hold 'Kisan Kumbh' at two and a half lakh Panchayat Samitis and also at more than seven thousand Krishi Mandis of the country.
TMC workers sprinkled Gangajal after applying cow dung on the ground where the rally was held.
The Stalinist of yesterday has become the human rights activist of today.
Mevani has said crass things about Narendra Modi several times in the past.
Rahul Gandhi's rally and roadshow in Rajasthan failed to draw crowd
Army grounds are regularly used by Congress party for rallies, but they complain when others do it
Gujarat Congress workers also broke windows of a police van.
Ticket distribution as always turned out to be a real can of worms for the Congress party
PM Narendra Modi will be addressing 21 rallies in Karnataka, 3 of those were held on May 1
Journalists claimed that barely 200 people turned up at the event
Once the lies were exposed, leftists tried to shift goalpost over technicalities
Congress had been using caste politics to sail through Gujarat assembly elections, but Aiyar might rock the boat.

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