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Yemen: More than 80 people die in stampede after Houthis fire gun to control crowds during Ramzan aid distribution

Over 80 people lost their lives in Sanaa, Yemen when an event to distribute money among the poor turned into a stampede.

Nine Pakistanis on their way to Mecca for Umrah in Ramzan killed in road accident

Recently, at least 20 Umrah pilgrims were killed and 29 injured after a bus crashed southwest of Saudi Arabia, Dubai-based Gulf News reported. 

England: Islamists attack Birmingham Police during a crackdown on illegal stalls in Ramzan

Bottles were reportedly thrown at police in Small Heath, Birmingham, during an operation to crack down on illegal street market stalls during Ramzan.

Pakistan: Chinese engineer arrested for ‘insulting Islam’ after he asked his Pakistani subordinates to work faster during Ramzan

Pakistan police arrested a Chinese engineer working at a hydropower project in Kohistan District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province over alleged blasphemy.

Bengaluru: Residents of Frazer Town ask BBMP to shut down ‘Ramzan Food Mela’, cite traffic congestion, garbage pileup

During Ramzan, stalls selling kebabs and biriyani prop up each evening on Mosque Road in Frazer Town.

Mufti explains how to perform Istinja (cleaning anus after defecation) during Ramzan fast so that water does not enter stomach: fact check of the...

Some clerics believe that water can enter the stomach via the anus and this will invalidate Ramzan fasting, but others say it is not possible

Flour being sold in ‘black market’ as Pakistan’s Punjab govt stops subsidy during Ramzan amid severe economic crisis

After stopping the selling of subsidised flour, the Punjab government increased the rate of those subsidized bags of a 10-kilogram from Rs 648 to Rs 1150. 

Flour distribution related violence leaves five injured in Pakistan’s Punjab

In Shorkot, there was a heavy rush of free flour seekers located at the Government Elementary School in Shorkot Cantt. The scuffle occurred between policemen and the people, leading to a stampede-like situation.

Free flour quota in Pakistan’s Dera Ghazi Khan division insufficient to meet demands

In one place where the demands are not met, in other places, there rush of people at the centres that are leading to stampedes and ultimately death of people. 

Taliban shuts down Afghanistan’s only women-run radio station for allegedly playing music

Women-run radio station Sada-e-Banowan has been shut down for playing music during the holy month of Ramadan, a Taliban official said

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