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Mamata Banerjee; ‘Muslim journalist’ and Islamists start inciting violence, “CAA implemented on eve of Ramzan” seems to be the new toolkit

As soon as the Union Home Ministry officially notified the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), journalists, lawmakers, and Islamists, went into overdrive spreading false information that the Act discriminates against Muslims returned with a new toolkit, this time using the Muslim festival of Ramadan to promote their anti-Modi rhetorics

As Rana Ayyub laments the arrest of six ‘journalists’: Here are details of their anti-India activities that the propagandist would not talk about

After NIA arrested "journalist" Irfan Mehraj in terror funding case, Rana Ayyub complains about earlier arrest of 6 'journalists' for similar reasons

Media, Rana Ayyub spread propaganda against Hindus: How Imran hitting Hindu LPG delivery man with chappal was turned into a case of ‘Islamophobia’

Rana Ayyud, HindutvaWatch and others indulge in anti-Hindu propaganda to whitewash Imran's assault on Hindu devotee Gurrala Lingam ‘Swami’ with chappal

Rana Ayyub lambasts the people of India for making The Kashmir Files and The Kerala Story blockbuster: But what does the success of PK,...

Rana Ayyub recently bewailed that The Kerala Story and The Kashmir Files validates the prejudice and hate that exists within.

Rana Ayyub gets endorsement and support from Pakistan Press Counsellor in Washington: Dissecting Ayyub’s anti-India, anti-Hindu rhetorics in WaPo article

Rana Ayyub recently penned a vicious article in Washington Post, replete with half-truths, distortions, and polarising rhetorics.

Islamists and Leftists attack their sympathiser Vinod Kapri because he questioned Rana Ayyub, an Islamist herself

Vinod Kapri was at the receiving end of Islamist flak for questioning Rana Ayyub over describing Atiq Ahmed as a lawmaker.

Rana Ayyub downplays the crimes of gangster Atiq Ahmed at UNESCO panel on ‘Press Freedom’, plays up her own ‘Muslim’ identity: Details

Rana Ayyub claimed, "Three weeks on camera, a lawmaker was shot dead live on camera. And we had people celebrating that on Twitter."

Did Rana Ayyub speak at United Nations General Assembly? Not really. Here is what really happened

In a tweet on May 1, Rana Ayyub deliberately chose to omit the fact that she would be speaking at UN General Assembly Hall as a part of a panel guest.

Rana Ayyub fails to appear before Ghaziabad court in money laundering case against her: Report

In connection with the money-laundering case brought against her by the Enforcement Directorate (ED), alleged journalist Rana Ayyub did not show up before the Ghaziabad Court.

Rana Ayyub’s plea challenging summons by ED dismissed by Supreme Court

The ED had submitted before the Supreme Court that donation fraud accused Rana Ayyub had used money sought for slum dwellers, COVID-19, and some work in Assam for “personal enjoyment, luxuries and pleasure”.

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