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Prospect of a stunning Narendra Modi victory in 2019 Lok Sabha election triggered a mental collapse for controversial journalist Rana Ayyub
Shekhar Gupta has hinged his argument that exit polls are untrustworthy based on the recent Australian elections, in which conservative coalition registered a victory against popular opinion and exit polls
Many journalists who are calling the clamp down on fake news 'draconian' have themselves indulged in fake news.
Sanjiv Bhatt being his vile self on social media.
Habitual offender Sanjiv Bhatt setting higher bars in terms of indecency and toxicity.
An unfortunate incident of lynching in Jharkhand was given communal colour by the Huffington Post.
Almost on cue, many journalists and activists came up with 'what about Bilkis Bano' after the SC verdict.
Many who are part of the establishment media welcomed Arnab’s venture on Twitter with hate.
How people reacted to the killing of SIMI members who had killed a policeman and fled from Bhopal jail earlier.
The news of AAP being involved in corrupt deals has shaken AAP leaders
Pakistan media authorities take a dig at Indian media even as Indian journalists spread propaganda
All the best trolling journalists got in 2015
Intolerance to opposing views is rising in India
Twitter Trends explained: Rana Ayyub style
While Modi is discussing "petty" issues, Indian media is looking at the broader picture. Find out how.

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