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All big rating agencies revise India’s growth projection upwards, predict it will be fastest fastest-growing economy among G-20 nations this year

India will be the fastest growing economy among the G-20 nations in 2024, the big rating agencies have projected

MSNBC takes Mehdi Hasan’s show off air as ratings tank and his pro-Islamist rants get few takers: Here is the full story

The Mehdi Hasan Show's ratings dipped abysmally low particularly after the 7th October attack by Hamas terrorists against Israel.

Amazon deleted all ratings and reviews of Xi Jinping’s book from its China website after authorities asked them to remove all non 5 ratings

Amazon has removed all customer reviews for a book by Chinese premier Xi Jinping on its Chinese website, as asked by the Chinese govt

Moody changes India’s ranking from ‘negative’ to ‘stable’: Will those maligned India now speak up?

Left-leaning liberals had resorted to stoking fear psychosis about India’s economic growth after rating agency Moody’s had downgraded India’s rating to negative in June 2020

Approval rating of Narendra Modi highest among 13 global leaders, 7 leaders including Trudeau, Johnson have negative ratings

Net approval rating of Narendra Modi was highest at 45 in the week ended August 31, according to Morning Consult Political Intelligence

Approval rating of PM Modi highest among world leaders at 66%, ahead of Biden, Trudeau, Merkel and others

PM Modi continues to remain at the pole position among the list of world leaders with the highest approval ratings

PM Modi’s clocks highest approval rating among the world leaders, with a net rating of 55%: US data firm

The data, last updated on December 23, puts PM Modi ahead of his counterparts such as Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Scott Morrison, Angela Merkel, Jair Bolsonaro and others on the scale of 'net approval'.

After India Today ‘Fake TRP scam’, BARC to pause weekly television ratings of news channels and review current standards of measuring viewership

BARC will now stop publishing the weekly individual ratings for all news channels as they review their rating system that will take 8-12 weeks

Doordarshan receives a record 38 million viewership during the Republic Day parade

Doordarshan witnessed very positive numbers on 26th January

You are a poor performer, not martyr – fellow journalist exposes claims of Nikhil Wagle

Marathi journalist Nikhil Wagle had claimed that his TV show was stopped under 'political pressure'

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