Friday, September 22, 2023


regime change

Congress has been seeking foreign interference for years and all their attempts at firefighting are failing: Here is a timeline

While today, under the political pressure ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections the Congress party is defending-denying Rahul Gandhi’s desperate plea seeking foreign intervention, the party has a long history of seeking foreign intervention for its own gains.

Belarus: exiled opposition leaders sentenced to 15 and 18 years in jail, Nobel laureate Ales Bialiatsky gets 10 years

Tsikhanouskaya became popular after running in Belarus' disputed presidential election in 2020, Euro News reported. A series of mass protests were reported after the election, which were met with arrests, cases of torture, the death of several demonstrators, harsh sentences and forced exile.

RaGa, Cambridge, appeal for foreign intervention and Pakistan: What ties all these together

Rahul Gandhi shared stage with Pakistan-origin professor at Cambridge University where he spread lies and false claims against India.

From creating Islamic Terrorism to toppling governments to inventing fake Saffron Terror: the white man’s sophisticated suited-booted terror

The white man’s terror: The white dominated USA and Europe are behind the unrest, war and terrorism all over the world

‘Your goal should be to topple this Government’: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra tells Agnipath protestors, claims the scheme will destroy the Army

"This scheme will kill the youth and the army which protects the country", said Priyanka Gandhi Vadra while protesting against Agnipath scheme

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