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From creating Islamic Terrorism to toppling governments to inventing fake Saffron Terror: the white man’s sophisticated suited-booted terror

Colourless White Terror- A ‘holistic terror’ involving universities, students, paid professors, media even the church and so-called intellect through booker prizes and awards


For the common man, organised terrorism was an alien idea, a phenomenon for a very long time. It suddenly hit us hard only once it became a billion Dollar industry- yes, I am using the word Industry as terrorists manufacture terrorists and terror through terrorism. It is no more a thought, a ‘soch’ a concept but a manifestation of twisted ideologies cultivated over a long period systematically.

Indians tasted their own blood and the blood of their kin in a bloodbath in Kashmir during the exodus of approximately two lakh Kashmiri Pundits from the Valley in the early months of 1990 at the hands of Islamic jihadis. Although we lost close to a million Indians in the process of partition in 1947, it could not be termed terrorism.

Therefore, Children of 1950, 60 and 70 had never even heard this word. Though the pot was always kept boiling.

Although Plane hijackings, murders of one community by another were sporadic, riots, incidents of violence and reportedly committed by extremists often related to religious beliefs were witnessed.

So, a common man thinks it is just a 30-year-old phenomenon and done by some crazy fellows proliferating into organized gangs, now called terrorist organizations. Yes, a gang is of thugs, a syndicate or mafia is also a collection of goons but ‘organisation’ gives it a corporate-ish look and feel. These are well-organised, structured, hierarchical, funded, armed and networked groups. Terrorists.

White Man’s show- the biggest bluff

But how did they come into existence? Who propped up these mercenaries? They didn’t come from Mars or the Moon. Who created terrorists? The world at large must know.

Largely these were Islamic groups. But these guys must have had some logical reasons to pick up arms and kill innocent people. The reason was hatred due to exploitation, international political scheming and selfish interests of the powerful nations controlled by the white man.

The means to get justice against foul play was to hit the soft targets to teach a lesson to the mighty forces who created them or forced them to come into being! ‘You punch me in the face and I will hit your toes with a hammer’ – as I am not as big as you- was the underlying idea. They also got maximum bang for the buck because such ghastly acts were like an apple pie for the media- sensation. It served the purpose.

The game was played on a much larger scale and size.

The root causes of this menace- white skin

The largest operator in this business of organised terror today is the Islamic network with scores of small medium and large groups working in sync to form a multi-national corporation of sorts. Often labelled as ‘non-state actors,’ these are actors created and crafted backstage by some crafty white men.

The British colonised the world over three centuries- two for sure. They lost out a big way during the Second World War and USSR and USA emerged as two big daddies.

The British hastily exited from most of their colonies leaving many in disarray.

The colonial era of the British failed at state formation and created deep fissures with the nations they exited. One major gaping wound was the partition of Bharat into Hindustan and Pakistan. Obviously, you created two constantly warring nations who hate each other even till date- as if on purpose.

Similarly, though not exactly, the creation of Israel gave birth to a series of anti-Western movements throughout the Islamic world. The growth of these nationalist, revolutionary movements, along with the view that terrorism could be effective in reaching political goals, generated the first phase of modern international terrorism. They could shoot and scoot and also take credit at hitting the larger powers where it hurts more. That was the first Islamic nail in the white man’s coffin.

American contribution on the world map.

The British left their subjects to their fate and let them fend for themselves largely.

Americans have a sacred heart, so to say.

They are the biggest manipulators and smart manipulators at that – across the world. They change regimes as often and at a whim as a common man changes his shirts!

Since the last 200 years, the US Administration at the, and from the, highest level has participated and interfered, both overtly and covertly, in the replacement of several foreign governments. In the latter half of the 19th century, their government-initiated actions for regime change were mainly in Latin America and the southwest Pacific, including the Spanish–American and Philippine–American wars.

At the beginning of 20th century, the United States engineered or installed governments in several countries around the entire globe, including neighbours in Panama, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

After World War II, the Americans cudgelled with the USSR for global leadership, termed as the Cold War. There was a continuing war but there was no war. Under President Eisenhower, the U.S. government feared that national security would be compromised or adversely hit by regimes propped by the Soviet Union’s own involvement in regime change. A dominos effect was expected and promoted the domino theory, with successive presidents following this precedent which became a part of their foreign policy.

Because of this, it started expanding the geographic scope of its actions beyond the traditional close-by areas of influence like Central America and the Caribbean. The United States and the United Kingdom for instance – engineered the 1953 Iranian coup, and the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion targeting Cuba that failed.

According to one study, the U.S. alone performed at least 81 overt and covert known interventions in foreign elections during the period 1946–2000. Among this, the U.S. engaged in 66 covert and six overt attempts at regime change during the Cold War period.

Following the disintegration of the USSR, the United States supported wars to determine the governance of a number of countries. They pretended to fight the War on Terror, fighting for peace and restoration of democracies, or removing weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) which never ever existed, as in the Iraq War. They could rally the entire white man’s tribe behind them to restore rights to the people of nations who had nothing to do with them.

1979 was a point of no return in international terrorism. The Iranian Islamic revolution sparked fears of a wave of revolutionary Shia Islam. In addition, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the subsequent anti-Soviet mujahedeen war, lasting from 1979 to 1989, stimulated the rise and expansion of terrorist groups.

The growth of well-trained, battle-hardened militants is the basic reason for the present-day international terrorism. Militants from the Islamic world fought in Afghanistan, supported by conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia.

The Riyadh-backed Islamic Front was established to provide financial, logistical, and training support for Yemeni volunteers. Similarly trained men created unrest in Kashmir, Chechnya and Bosnia.

Ukraine war is happening

The white man has no love lost for another white man. They are geographic entities wedded to land mass. Europe and America are different and Russians are whites too but are different whites! But the white man of America is like Captain America, it wants to control others not by fighting but by making others fight with each other.

So, it played its NATO trump card. When America during the time of JF Kennedy tried to overthrow Cuba’s government of Fidel Castro, Russians came to protect Cuba by deploying nuclear missiles in Cuba which was less than 100 kilometres from the US mainland. The US panicked and better sense prevailed amongst the Russians and Americans, and USSR agreed to take back its arsenal, avoiding a nuclear war.

The same thing is being done by America today. By expanding NATO to Ukraine, it is allowing itself to have boots on the ground just less than 100 Km from the Russian mainland- exactly what was done by USSR during the Cuban Crisis.

The EU is right under the American white man’s wings who is having God knows what stranglehold. India like several others is not to take sides and not against Russia in this ‘white man terror’. Therefore the Americano white man is unhappy with India.

But hello, once this Russo- Ukraine- EU war gets over, there could be thousands of armed well-trained mercenaries looking for ‘employability’, and will find the softest juiciest target- Europe. It may haunt- their own Frankenstein- creating havoc and will enter the continent never to leave. It will be an invasion like that of cockroaches. You can kill them but never eliminate them- they are ‘auto breeding’ types. You kill five in the bed room, you get ten in the toilette, you kill ten there you have 20 in your cupboard. The infestation goes on and on. Is the white man listening?

The biggest Bogey of the white man is the concoction of something like ‘Saffron terror’

In connivance (probable) with the left-leaning forces and the political opposition in India which is not comfortable with Modi led BJP government and the great progress India has made in the last 8 years under Modi government, the white man somehow or the other wants to dislodge the present government in India.

It is well-known fact that BJP has adopted Hindutva as its ideology and it is ‘cultural nationalism and Indian Nationhood’ not a religious or theocratic concept. This became a fulcrum of sorts for the negative forces to latch on to. So, they wanted to prop an idea of Hindutva as a fascist ideology and came up with terms like ‘Hindu terror and saffron terror’.

In any case, the white west is also not happy with the progress India is making economically, militarily and the idea of ‘decolonizing’ Indian minds which are being achieved at a pace they are not comfortable with. India refuses to toe the White Man’s line and the Minister of External Affairs Dr S Jaishankar has clearly said ‘They wanted our policies to be made according to their wishes. We have refused that and they will have to learn to live with this!’

What better than seeking support for an idea which can be propped against the Modi government to show it in a bad light in India and abroad? Therefore, they have connived with some Great white men, some disgruntled journalists and opposing forces within India to create a world wide web against a sovereign nation-state with a democratically elected government.

They are neither Islamic nor any other coloured terror, they are colourless white terror- A ‘holistic terror’ involving universities, students, paid professors, media even the church and so-called intellect through booker prizes and awards to do this. There is no saffron terror- it is a colourless terror.

Those who are past masters at changing regimes across the world are again trying the same trick- as white man’s sophisticated suited booted terror.

How can you come and lecture us on democracy or human rights when you have blood of so many races belonging to more than fifty nations, and men, women and children on your hands? How dare you?

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