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This is not the first time Arvind Kejriwal has hurt the religious sentiments of people
So much has been written and talked about Kumbh and yet it seems so little
Home Minister Rajnath Singh said he supports the freedom to follow any religion but was of the opinion that a debate is needed as the mass conversions is a matter of concern for any country.
You see, Naseeruddin Shah merely because of my political opinions, people from your camp will not hesitate to demonize me even though I am just an ordinary citizen who tries to lead an honest life. 
Not only hijab but also mangalsutra, bangles and other Hindu religious symbols are also asked to be removed before entering the exam hall
Sirsa urged Sikh people and parliamentarians in Canada to initiate criminal proceedings against Amazon
Times Now's tweets reflect the general attitude of the Indian elite towards Hindu festivals. While everything negative is associated with Hindu festivals, an aura of celebratory mood is spread on the occasion of Abrahamic festivals.
Thus, we see that Christian missionaries have a clear critique of Hinduism based on their religious scriptures. To us, it appears bigotry but to them, it's the commandment of their God
She has been accused of hurting religious sentiments through a Facebook post
A foreigner talks to 3 Indians who insist that everything has got nothing to do with Hinduism, other than patriarchy, of course
Jesus in a dilemma. Rakhi Sawant or Tanushree Dutta?
Worship is not only about the deity but also geography and form specifically and this should be understood in Sabarimala's context
But diversity cannot survive without exclusion and our constitution builders identified this need
The letter says that it is the earnest wish of Hindus that the pilgrimage is made possible.
The devotees are struggling to ensure the continuity of their own tradition.
God, however, was in no mood to correct this delusion that many people, including many in that state, harboured.
Goel's body of work and life will continue to serve as an inspiration and a source of immense knowledge
The festivities are upon the garden city of Bengaluru
For slaying the demon Mahishasur, She is also known as Mahishasurmardini
She is depicted as carrying baby Murugan or Lord Kartikeya in her lap while riding a ferocious lion. 
She rides a tiger or a lion to as a symbol of bravery and is also known as Chandika and Rannchandi.
Maa Shailaputri rides a bull and carries a lotus in Her left hand and a Trishul in Her right hand.
Today we will again wake up in the wee hours and collectively invoke the Devi to descend on this mortal world
Despite what atheists might suggest, religion has been immensely beneficial for humanity.
Unfortunate that Arvind Kejriwal has taken the political discourse in India to such a low level where he communalises a death.
I’m a Hindu woman and believer who is #READYTOWAIT and with this verdict, I feel utterly cheated and defeated
If a temple is to be treated as a public place, how far does this argument go?

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