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Opposition parties are using an age-old litmus test – push the Hindu community because they won’t react anyway – but here is why this...

The Hindu and cultural resurgence is almost complete, thanks to the opposition delivering self goals - and BJP will be the biggest beneficiary

Navratri: Festival of women’s power whose religious, cultural, economic and scientific aspects are equally important, read the significance of Garba

Navratri is a celebration of women power and has close ties with religion culture, economic and science as well.

‘Our religion doesn’t allow us to say Vande Mataram’: INDIA alliance partner SP MLA Abu Azmi in Maharashtra assembly

SP leader Abu Azmi claimed that Islam doesn’t allow anyone to chant ‘Vande Mataram’ and their don't bow before anyone except Allah, not even before their mother.

40 years since Iran executed 10 Baha’i women for refusing to denounce their religion, their spirit continues to haunt the Islamic Republic and inspire...

40 years ago on 18 June 1983, 10 Baha'i women in Iran w ere executed for refusing to renounce their faith

Naseeruddin Shah highlights ‘misinformation’ about Akbar in history books, says Akbar never used ‘Din-e-Elahi’ term, never wanted to start new religion

Naseeruddin Shah showered praises for the Mughal king and said that he was soft-hearted, vulnerable man and he was also very passionate, sexually driven, ferocious, merciless warrior. "He must have been a great lover. I played him, to find the human being within this grandeur,” he said.

No, Aftab Amin Poonawalla is not a Parsi but a Muslim: Here is the truth about the murderer of Shraddha Walkar

That Aftab Amin Poonawalla is not a Parsi but a Muslim becomes clear from the complaint, filed by victim's father

Rajasthan: Govt school teacher distributes ‘Hinduism: Dharm ya Kalank’ booklet to students, parents hold protests, inquiry ordered

The teacher, Nirmala Kamad, on the other hand, has accused villagers of discrimination and harassment because of her caste.

A Comprehensive Perspective on Modern Strategies to Effectively Stand for Dharma

Dharma is one of the most misunderstood, distorted and attacked concepts in the contemporary world.

Hindus need to shift the Overton window to make their voices heard

Hindus need to make their voices heard to bring about a political shift.

“I was going against Islam… I’m handing myself over to Allah”: Saqib Khan of Roadies fame quits the glamour industry

The now former model Saqib Khan wrote about going astray from the tenets of Islam and his lack of "Sukoon" because of it

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