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It is not that only under AAP government have government schools performed better than private schools
Twitter has erupted with countless jokes and memes over Congress' dramatic loss in Karnataka
The state might be in for another spell of bad governance because of its fractured mandate.
Results have thrown a hung assembly. This is our live blog that brought you updates throughout the counting day.
Even if Congress loses state after state, its loyalists stand firm
Call it a novel idea, call it "Tughlaq-esque", Delhi's Odd-Even plan caught the eye of many in India and most on social media. One of the reasons for this could be our Delhi based media's infatuation with the Delhi state Government which often leads it to conflate stories which are important to Delhi, with stories which matter for India as a whole. Add to that Arvind Kejriwal's penchant for making a media spectacle out of anything he does (based on advice from his Guru Rajdeep Sardesai) and you have a sure shot prime-time debate topic. So did this Odd-Even experiment work based...

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