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With reference to Hemant Karkare, RVS Mani makes some startling revelations in his book.
It’s Digvijay Singh’s moment of truth on 'saffron terror'. Sadhvi Pragya probably would make him pay for it in Bhopal. There are many though who wouldn’t be called to account. Let’s name them too and hold them up in the public eye.
Sadhvi Pragya suffered unspeakable torture under police custody for eight years, to the extent that it left her paralysed, during the Congress regime
Disillusionment is not an option right now. Building on the opportunity is the only way forward.
While calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi a "patriot", the Sadhvi branded Congress President Rahul Gandhi a child.
Kamal Nath had allegedly asked RVS Mani to change the facts and narrative of the Ishrat Jahan encounter case to fix Narendra Modi
They care very little about the ideas Gandhi stood for.
Purohit claims that he has been used as a "pawn" in the "larger scheme of things."
The very real possibility of the Hindu terror narrative being resurrected cannot be ignored.
What is it about Pakistan's deep state that enamours so many politicians? 
The tail is not just wagging the dog. The tail is becoming the dog.
Nirmala Sitharaman said that its for Rahul Gandhi to come out and clarify
Digvijay Singh has a flare for making statements which puts his party in precarious situations.
The strain of the trial and the year spent in prison while it lasted wrecked Savarkar’s health and finished him as a force in India’s politics.
Discourse on social evils in mainstream media depends on the religion from which it originates
Priyanka Chopra represents India and she needs to be more responsible
This is the slow poison to keep Hindus distracted while the real horror story is being written
Perhaps someday the truth will overshadow their perilous existence

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