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Saudi Arabia

Iran-Israel conflict: Blinken dials up Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, asserts US position on ‘avoiding escalation’ in the region

The top US official also spoke with his counterparts in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia following Iran's attacks in Israel. During his phone calls, Blinken emphasised the importance of avoiding escalation in the region and the importance of "a coordinated diplomatic response."

Crowdfunding collects Rs 34 crore “blood money” in 4 days to save Kerala native Abdul Rahim, convicted of killing a 15 years old, from...

Abdul Rahim from Kerala went to Saudi Arabia in 2006 and was imprisoned merely twenty-eight days after landing there on accusation of killing a 15-year-old.

‘Talk to India, resolve issues bilaterally’: Saudi Arabia-Pakistan joint statement takes a New Delhi flavour after MBS-Shehbaz Sharif meet

Saudi and Pakistan's joint statement makes no reference to the UNSC resolution on Kashmir, something that has been standard formulation for Islamabad. Instead, it urges bilateral resolution of issues, echoing the Shimla Pact, which is New Delhi's line.

Saudi Arabia: Mohammad Bin Salman bans Iftar in mosques, prohibits Imams from collecting donations for Iftar ahead of Ramadan 2024

In addition to banning the collection of donations for Iftars, the Islamic Affairs Ministry of Saudi Arabia also imposed a ban on organising Iftar feasts inside the mosques raising concerns regarding cleanliness.

Sharia-ruled Saudi Arabia marks historic shift: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman allows liquor sale in the kingdom after 72-year ban

The historic moment was marked with the opening of the first liquor store in Riyadh's Diplomatic Quarter, available exclusively to non-Muslim foreign diplomats.

As subcontinent Muslims outrage about Smriti Irani’s visit to Madinah, Saudis push back, say they don’t care about opinions of ‘converted Muslims’

"our land our country our rules. Just because your ancestors converted to islam and gave you an arabic name doesn’t mean you have an opinion in it. you are irrelevant and we are not the same," the Saudi netizen wrote on X

‘Why are you allowing a mushrikeen in our sanctuary?’ Islamists suffer a meltdown after Smriti Irani visits the periphery of Prophet’s mosque in Madinah

Smriti Irani raised the hackles of Islamists online after she posted her pictures from the periphery of Prophet's mosque in Madinah.

Indian engineer Vishnu Dev Radhakrishnan, who spent 5.5 years behind bars over accusations of ‘blasphemy’, finally released from Saudi jail

Vishnu Dev Radhakrishnan was sentenced to 10 years in prison on the grounds of ‘misusing social media’ and hurting the religious and national sentiments of the Gulf nation

Saudi social media divided over ‘promoting’ Trinity of ancient Arabian goddesses amid revival of National Heritage, sparks religious outrage against ‘pagan-worshippers’

A large number of social media users in Saudi Arabia have been advocating for the revival of ancient Arabian deities as an integral aspect of the Kingdom’s national heritage

Escorted to off-site location, detained and interrogated: Saudi Arabia cracks down on Muslims using Mecca and Medina for activism about Palestine and Gaza

According to Islah Abdur-Rahman, a Saudi soldier reprimanded him for raking up the issue of 'Israel-Palestine' in Mecca by wearing the keffiyeh.

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