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YouTuber Shyam Meera Singh passes off old image from 2016 as police atrocity against farmer protestors, gets amplified by RJ Sayema

Shyam Meera Singh did not bother to verify the picture or make a simple reverse image search before making the unsubstantiated claims.

Sayema lies about endorsing derogatory Hinduphobic tweet, propaganda outlet ‘Team Saath’ comes to her rescue with bizarre excuse

After being caught off guard, Sayema and her close-knit ecosystem of leftists and Islamists are coming up with bizarre excuses to absolve her of any wrongdoing.

Radio Mirchi RJ Sayema spreads fake news, fear mongers despite Jaipur Police’s clarification on ‘stone pelted on praying Muslims’

The stones were actually pelted on the bike rally carried out by Hindus to celebrate the Hindu new year by Muslim mob.

US Embassy in India props RJ Sayema with problematic views to ’embrace equality’, netizens react

Sayema has defended Coronavirus 'superspreader' Tablighi Jamaat and even tried to fool her audience about Islamic scriptures.

RJ Sayema claims Islam says every good person will go to heaven; Netizens cite Islamic scriptures and Muslim ‘scholars’ to prove her wrong

Netizens quoted Islamic scriptures to counter RJ Sayema, who had tweeted that every good person will go to heaven as per Islam.

Four Muslim youth arrested over namaz inside Lulu Mall: How the usual suspects in media spread fake news to malign Hindus

Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Rohini Singh, and RJ Sayema were among those who peddled fake news over Lulu Mall namaz row.

As Islamists run riots and take pride in violence against Hindus, elite Indian Muslims in India play the victim

With Hindu processions under attack, a section of Muslim commentators have sought to absolve the culprits while painting Hindus as aggressors

Quran is WhatsApp University? It is if this Radio Mirchi RJ is to be believed

Radio Mirchi RJ Sayema declared that Islamic verses prescribing violence against non-Muslims are fake and are from 'WhatsApp University'

In their hate for BJP, vultures celebrate Anil Vij testing positive for Coronavirus, spread panic about vaccines by concealing facts

It is not known known whether Anil Vij received Covaxin or placebo, but he testing positive for Coronavirus used by left-liberals to mock vaccines

Radio Mirchi RJ finds space with radical preacher Zakir Naik as she waters down terms like ‘Kafir’ and ‘Jihad’

A video featuring Radio Mirchi RJ Sayema is doing rounds on the internet in which she was seen normalising anti-Hindu bigotry by legitimising the usage of radical Islamic terms as 'Kafir' and 'Jihad'.

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