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In their hate for BJP, vultures celebrate Anil Vij testing positive for Coronavirus, spread panic about vaccines by concealing facts

The anti-Modi propagandists took to social media platforms to not only express their glee but also to spread misleading information against the indigenously produced coronavirus vaccine - Covaxin and caused panic among masses.

Minutes after Haryana Home and Health Minister Anil Vij tested positive for coronavirus, Islamists, far-left and anti-Modi crusaders descended on social media platforms to celebrate and discredit the efficacy of indigenously developed coronavirus vaccine ‘Covaxin’.

The reports of Anil Vij contracting the Chinese virus came just weeks after he was administered a dose of Bharat Biotech’s ‘Covaxin’ at a hospital in Ambala, as part of its third phase trial. With Anil Vij getting infected with the virus, the left-liberals and the anti-Modi establishment sought to throw dirt on the indigenous development of the coronavirus vaccine in the country to insinuate that ‘Covaxin’ has actually failed.

The anti-Modi propagandists took to social media platforms to not only celebrate but also used the opportunity to spread misleading information against the indigenously produced coronavirus vaccine – Covaxin and caused panic among masses. The self-proclaimed intellectuals, Islamists, without losing an opportunity to mock the Modi government, used the opportunity of Anil Vij incident to question the rationale behind the entire vaccine development programme.

Prashant Bhushan, who was recently convicted for contempt of court case, in his hurry to discredited the Indian vaccine said that there was some questions about its side effects.

Without understanding the detail procedures and nuances behind the development vaccine and trials, Prashant Bhushan went on to mislead the public to claim that Anil Vij was tested positive for the Chinese virus due to the fast-tracking of the process by the government. In reality, it is a blatant lie.

Shivam Vij, who writes for Shekhar Gupta’s ‘The Print’ too put out misleading half-truth about ‘Covaxin’ when he posted a tweet saying two weeks after taking vaccine, Anil Vij tested positive for the coronavirus. The likes of Shivam Vij were indirectly hinting that it was the vaccine approved by the Modi government for carrying out Phase 3 resulted in transmission of virus to Haryana Minister.

Sayema, an Islamic propagandist masquerading as an Urdu ‘intellectual’ on social media, too was in a hurry to discredit the vaccine by falsely claiming that Anil Vij was tested positive a month after he was administered ‘Covaxin’. However, she did not provide any proofs to substantiate her claim before making such horrendous assertions about the vaccine.

Saurabh Shukla, the ‘journalist’ at far-left news outlet NDTV, went a step further to take direct potshots at Modi government. Invoking the alleged promise of Rs 15 lakh made by PM Modi in the run-up to 2014 elections, the NDTV ‘journalist’ said that vaccine promise also turned out to be a dud just like the Rs 15 lakh promise.

Rajdeep Sardesai, know for spinning and twisting facts, was not far behind. Without even realising or trying to be aware of the actual procedures concerning vaccine trials, Rajdeep Sardesai too declared that the fastening of Phase 3 trials of ‘Covaxin’ as the reason for Haryana minister testing positive for the virus.

Sardesai misled and tried to create panic among already threatened masses by blaming the Bharat Biotech’s ‘Covaxin’.

As social media users attacked Rajdeep Sardesai for his irrational tweets, he soon deleted his earlier tweets and posted another tweet with a similar misinformation, now with more tone down approach to criticise Modi government for allegedly hurrying the vaccine trial procedures.

Despite having no information about what has really transpired in the Anil Vij’s case, Rajdeep Sardesai resorted to creating conspiracy theories to declare that it was some fault in the vaccine that has resulted in Anil Vij contracting the virus. However, in reality, details pertaining to Phase 3 vaccination trials is yet to be made public by Bharat Biotech.

Chaiti Narula, another India Today journalist, failing to realise the amount of damage they are doing by floating conspiracy theories, straight away linked Anil Vij contracting of coronavirus to the administration of vaccine.

Radhakrishnan RK of The Hindu group displayed his lack of knowledge when he compared Bharat Biotech’s scientifically developed ‘Covaxin’ to Baba Ramdev’s immunity booster ‘Coronil’.

Perhaps, the likes of Radhakrishnan who are in a false assumption that they are some sort of epitome of knowledge, thought that they can mock Indian scientists with all their hubris.

Geet V, another troll on social media, asked who wanted the next does of ‘Covaxin’. Perhaps, Geet thinks her statement was some sort of a joke and expects people to cheer. However, the joke is on the likes of Geet who discredits ‘Covaxin’ by associating with standalone incidents that regularly occur during vaccine trials.

The left-liberals’ desperate attempt to peddle their politics at a time when one of country’s senior most politicians tested positive for coronavirus, who dared to volunteer himself for the trials when others chickened out, is rather a new low.

Without even understanding the basic procedures associated with the vaccine development, trials and its manufacturing, the ‘erudite’ left-wing intellectuals, Islamists have pounced upon India’s vaccine in an effort to malign it. As usual, the media ecosystem has chosen to create panic in the society about the vaccine at a time when they should have created awareness about vaccine trials and explain it to people why there was no need to panic.

Instead, they have found a great opportunity to target Modi government and to hold responsible for Anil Vij testing positive for the virus. The unconditional support from the Modi government to Bharat Biotech towards the development of Covaxin seems to have caught the eye of the left-liberals, who are now trying everything to damage the reputation of the only indigenous vaccine to be developed in the country.

May be the opponents of PM Modi realises that the success of vaccine could be another feather in the cap for PM Modi and his government. Hence, all efforts are being made currently to depict Anil Vij incident as a major blow to the development of coronavirus vaccine in the country so that they could deny PM Modi his credit.

Haryana Minister tests positive for coronavirus

On Saturday, Haryana Home and Health Minister Anil Vij tested positive for coronavirus. Taking to Twitter, Anil Vij confirmed he has tested positive for COVID-19 and has been admitted to Civil Hospital Ambala Cantt. This comes days after Anil Vij was administered a dose of Covaxin at a hospital in Ambala, as part of its third phase trial. On November 20, Vij had offered to be the first volunteer for the third phase trial of Covaxin, which started in the state. 

However, the news of Anil Vij testing positive soon caused panic among citizens in the country. The hysteria and sensationalism in some parts of the media have pushed some people to believe that the coronavirus vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech was a failure and the Haryana Minister contracted the virus only after he was injected with a vaccine during the test phase.

However, with limited information in the public regarding the Covaxin trails, the media tried to mislead by claiming that the Haryana Minister tested positive for the coronavirus after he was injected with the vaccine.

Here is what you need to know about coronavirus trails and why there is no reason to panic yet

Bharat Biotech carried out India’s first phase 3 trails for a Covid-19 vaccine ‘Covaxin’ and it is the largest phase-3 efficacy trial ever conducted in India.

During the trials, these volunteers, including Anil Vij, will receive two intramuscular injections on a gap of 28 days. These participants were randomly assigned to receive Covaxin or ‘placebo’, a dummy drug that does not have any effect. The participants are identified by numbers, not names, in the study records, and only a select few people have access to the record that links the numbers to the names.

The randomisation and the use of placebo interventions are designed to control for unexpected effects or disease incidence between the vaccine and control groups that can likely be attributed to the vaccine. In some cases, a person under trial, who has been injected with the placebo can show responses.

As Haryana Minister Anil Vij received the vaccine dose as part of the phase 3 trial, actually it is not known whether he received the actual vaccine of the placebo. Vij may have not been inoculated with the actual vaccine during the Phase 3 trials of Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin at all. Moreover, the Covaxin needs to doses with a 28 days gap to be effective, and Vij received only the first dose. Hence, even if he was given the vaccine, he has not received the full dose.

Currently, here is no need to panic about the efficacy of the Covaxin vaccine currently as it is yet to be known whether Anil Vij was subjected to an actual trial vaccine or a placebo, and he has received only one of the required two doses.


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