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Omidyar decides to shut shop in India after ‘achieving the goal of catalysing impact’: But here’s why its story might not be over

In its initial years in India, Omidyar Network backed around 25 organisations that deal with news and government transparency.

Reuters journalist blames Indian Hindus for Islamist violence against Hindus in Leicester; Scroll amplifies the fake narrative

Scroll published an article by Rina Chandran that held Indian Hindus responsible for the Islamist violence in Leicester.

Scroll and Quint wanted India to learn from Chile’s proposed far-left constitution, Chileans themselves overwhelmingly rejected it

Among the proposed changes in the new constitution, was the proposal to name Chile a “plurinational and paritarian” republic, rather than a democratic republic.

Prophet Muhammad comment row: How Scroll is trying to save a teenage stone pelter during Kanpur violence on a technicality

The Scroll published a sob story to whitewash the criminality of a 16-year-old stone pelter accused in Kanpur violence.

Scroll spreads fake news that ‘4 Dalit tanners were killed by upper-caste mob for skinning a dead cow in Gujarat’s Una’: Here’s the truth

Scroll distorts 2016 report from Gujarat to attack BJP by making false claims that upper caste Hindus had killed 4 Dalits

Why the Gurugram namaz issue is unprecedented in the history of Hindu-Muslim relations in India

Why won’t the “Hindutva extremists” just let the Muslims perform their prayers? Why don’t these “Hindutva extremists” just live and let live?

Scroll, The Swaddle columnist justifies attack on ISKCON temple and Hindu devotees in Bangladesh by Islamists

Scroll and The Swaddle columnist Genesia Alves not only justified violence unleashed upon Hindus in Bangladesh by an Islamist mob for celebrating the Hindu festival Vijayadashami/Dussehra but also gave 'context' to the same justification.

The forgotten ‘Abba Jaan’ controversy: How the Left claimed that ‘Pita Shri’ of Mahabharat was inspired by ‘Abba Jaan’

Scroll has attributed the origins of words like 'Matashree' and 'Pitashree' to Rahi Masoom Raza who they claimed was inspired from Urdu words.

Here are 12 instances when the leftist media fanned fear against vaccines just before the second Covid wave

Leftist propaganda websites hosted articles that raised doubts about Indian vaccines, thereby fuelling vaccine hesitancy in the months leading to the resurgent coronavirus outbreak.

Scroll journalist mischievously shares misleading, old report to insinuate that union govt is funding a trial of using Gayatri Mantra to treat Covid-19

While AIIMS Rishikesh is testing using gayatri mantra along with usual treatment for Covid-19, fake news claims it as standalone treatment

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