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Twitter handles of media houses later deleted the tweet where they wrote 'simbhal' instead of 'symbol'
He was earlier hand-picked by Aam Aadmi Party government for Delhi Dialogue Commission, but he soon turned against AAP.
In a recently organized event by Leftist Propaganda outlet, The Wire, 'Eminent Intellectual' Ravish Kumar spouted numerous inanities that only goes on to highlight the extent to which liberals have a delusional sense of their own selves.
The government has not held the telecom companies responsible for offensive messages, only they are asked to take action against senders of such messages
Reporting identities of those who celebrated terror attack to law enforcement agencies is a bigger crime than the terror attack
Fake news: In the article titled, "How India Votes: The news media is helping BJP win elections – and the public does not mind", Scroll has used 'research' to make spectacular claims about PM Modi and BJP win, that is not evidenced at all by the research they have cited
Tripura government attacked for stopping illegal ganja cultivation.
Victim says she didn't speak up earlier as she thought Dua was on her side, on the Left's side
Because why do we even need external enemies when the internal enemies are doing a great job.
Bhushan insinuated that Prime Minister Modi may have arranged for Mehul Choksi's Antiguan citizenship
indicating that the army man succumbed to a usual cross-border firing whitewashing the heinous act of brutality.
In her earlier articles, she appears confused between her atheism and her affection with her surname
It is the responsibility of Hindutva-wadis to preserve, spread and propagate our culture worldwide. 
Any regulation that can just as easily morph into a tool of censorship must be opposed
A section of the 'intelligentsia' has been claiming that Judge Loya's death was not natural.
Left liberals are happy to celebrate 'colonial' victories as long as the 'losers' are RSS
From 'terror has no religion', the 'liberals' have now gone to 'expressing concern for human rights has a religion'.
And the media misquotes Sri Sri Ravi Shankar yet again
Just a look at the numbers will tell you things are changing in Uttar Pradesh, for better.
Scroll had published an article which accused Swami Vivekananda of laying the foundations of India's politics of sectarianism
For the leftist cause, every icon, every symbol, every idea that Hindus could hold dear is like a target to be destroyed.

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