Topic: Sex Scandal

Apart from Bhupesh Bagel, four others including former journalist Vinod Verma have been accused of allegedly circulating a fake porn video.
The article published by church-owned magazine blames the victims and attempts to whitewash rape by priests as 'consensual sex'
Earlier, another Congress leader had to resign over a sex video scandal.
Ajmer scandal saw mass exploitation, rape and blackmail of young girls by a gang of powerful people
The victim allegedly did not receive support from his politician father and had to agree for compromise.
BJP has called the whole thing a planned conspiracy as Kumar had earlier come uninvited to a party meet.
Brajesh Kumar is accused of sexual exploitation and harassment and has been on run for many weeks.
He asked his brother to surrender before the police by 31st April, failing which he will blacken his TV screen.
Brajesh Kumar was also the Vice President of Bihar unit of Congress but resigned after the charges.
A month has passed but the Bihar police has been unable to arrest the former Vice President of state Congress.
The minor Dalit girl had accused Brajesh Kumar of molesting her and of running a sex racket in Bihar.
Various reports suggest that the NDTV journalist’s clout and Congress connection is being used to put pressure.

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