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Rajasthan: Islamist mob attacks Hindu community’s Shobha Yatra in Chittorgarh’s Pahuna village, several injured in stone pelting and arson

After the incident, the miscreants also set some shops, and vehicles on fire after midnight.

‘Kill as many Hindus as you can, don’t leave them alive’: How Muslim mob attacked Ram yatra in Vadodara’s Bhoj – What FIR reveals

'Kill as many Hindus as you can'; 'Don't leave these people alive today', Muslims shouted as they marched towards the Shobha Yatra to carry out the attack.

‘Collected stones in advance, wielding swords’: 32 persons booked, 15 arrested for pelting stones on Shri Ram’s Shobha Yatra in Kheralu, Mehsana

According to media reports, the complaint states that the accused hatched a conspiracy and pelted stones at the Shobha Yatra of Lord Shri Ram in Kheralu.

Gujarat: Stones pelted at Lord Ram Shobha Yatra in Mehsana, Hindu groups say it happened near a mosque, police detain 15 people including women

Hindu organisations assert that the stones were pelted on the Shobha Yatra when it reached a mosque.

Punjab: Children from Muslim community throw toilet cleaner on women in Hindu Shobha Yatra in Nabha, complained filed

In the Nabha region of Punjab's Patiala district, children from the Muslim community poured toilet cleaner over attendees of a Hindu Shobha Yatra.

UP: Stones pelted on Hindu yatras while passing through Muslim-dominated areas in Kushinagar and Aligarh, police deny communal angle

Hindu processions in Aligarh and Kushinagar came under attack when they were passing through Muslim-majority regions of the said towns.

Attack on another Hindu procession in Gujarat: Muslim mob pelts stones at Bajrang Dal’s Shaurya Yatra in Selamba, several shops torched

While the Shaurya Yatra was in progress through Selamba, an episode transpired where stones were thrown at the procession in an area predominantly inhabited by Muslims. Video footage of the incident has emerged.

Sub-Inspector Hakmuddin dies of a heart attack in Nuh while on duty for VHP’s Shobha Yatra

The deceased officer Hakmuddin was stationed at Badkali chowk in Nuh when he suffered a cardiac arrest, leading to his death.

Stone-pelting at Hanuman Jayanti Shobha Yatra after procession passed near an Iftar gathering in a Mosque in Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool

On Saturday night, stones were pelted at a Hanuman Jayanti Shobha Yatra, organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) in Holagunda, Kurnool.

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