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Uttar Pradesh: Shadab, Sariq, Shahbaz, Shehzad arrested after shooting dead Rachit Jat in full public view, NSA slapped on them

After killing Rachit Jat in a market, the four Muslims didn't flee, they sat there and smoke cigarettes, from where they were arrested

Vienna attack: heavily armed multiple terrorists attack people near Synagogue, three including one attacker killed

Three killed and 15 injured in terror attack in Vienna, Austria. The attacks were reported near a Synagogue.

Uttar Pradesh police nab three persons in the Aligarh jewellery robbery case seen in viral video

In a viral video, three accused identified as Saurabh, Mohit and Rohit were seen robbing a jewellery shop in Aligarh at gunpoint

Who is Vikas Dubey, the former BSP leader wanted in 60 cases, who killed 8 police personnel last night in an ambush

As the police team reached the spot, they were ambushed by Dubey's men who were prepared with arms on the roof of a building and continuously shot at them. They had also blocked the way with a JCB machine.

Jordan: Man released early from prison to contain Coronavirus spread, dies immediately by a celebratory gunshot fired by cousin celebrating his release

Sari Salem Wardat in Jordan was shot dead by a celebratory gunshot fired by his cousin on the occasion of his early release from prison

Delhi: 2 Bike-borne assailants fired shots in air near an Anti-CAA protest in Jafrabad

The police have claimed that the incident was unrelated to the Anti-CAA protests and rather a case of personal enmity. 

Jamia Millia Islamia students claim that two unidentified people fired shots near University, FIR filed: Here are the details

On 3rd January 2019, two bile bourne assailants allegedly starting shooting outside Jamia, no injured reported

Kapil Gujjar who had fired 3 shots in Shaheen Bagh formally arrested by the Delhi police

Kapil Gujjar was miffed over long traffic jams caused due to the Anti-CAA protests in Shaheen Bagh, accompanied by road blockades.

Shaheen Bagh shooting: The second step in a cold and calculated conspiracy?

A second shooting in Delhi in a matter of three days over the ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act has been reported, this time from Shaheen Bagh.

Second instance of firing in Delhi over anti-CAA protests, this time from Shaheen Bagh, suspect taken into custody

Days after a shooting in Jamia on anti-CAA protestors, one Delhi resident opens fire at Shaheen Bagh protest site.

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