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An FIR has been registered by the owners of the missing passports, MEA has revoked the passports and taken up the issue with the Pakistan High Commission.
The Print's article is really a word salad and the author ends up talking a lot and saying very little.
The members of the Hindu and Sikh Community do not consume Halal meat.
She has also accused her classmates of forcing her to wear head-scarf and observe fast during Ramzan.
The campaign calls for Sikhs to come together to demand a separate state from 'India occupied Punjab'.
The Sikhs attacked the Red Fort on 11th March 1783 and hoisted the Nishan Sahib.
He has been described as "Hero of Freedom of Kashmir"
Sushma Swaraj has assured that India will take up this issue with Pakistan
Even the Sikhs are having a hard time in Pakistan
Rather than apologising, the Newslaundry columnist decided to stoop even lower.
BJP won the seat and the AAP came a distant 3rd
Now Gurmehar has started receiving support on the basis of the religion she belongs to.
A controversial video of Kumar Vishwas has put him in trouble.
At least two men have been dismissed from their services because they refused to cut their beard.

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