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Sikhs in Pakistan complain that they are being forced to become Muslims

Even the Sikhs are having a hard time in Pakistan

Newslaundry columnist asks a Sikh man supporting Hindu festivals to give up Sikhism

Rather than apologising, the Newslaundry columnist decided to stoop even lower.

Why AAP lost the Rajouri Garden by-poll

BJP won the seat and the AAP came a distant 3rd

Netizens concerned as Gurmehar Kaur issue threatens to take communal shape

Now Gurmehar has started receiving support on the basis of the religion she belongs to.

Kumar Vishwas in legal trouble for yet another ‘joke’

A controversial video of Kumar Vishwas has put him in trouble.

Why Muslims are not allowed to keep long beard in the armed forces

At least two men have been dismissed from their services because they refused to cut their beard.

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