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Pakistan: Sikh family abused, threatened with murder by local Muslims in Jacobabad, Sindh

Harish Singh, a Sikh man from Jacobabad, SIndh has stated that the local Muslims have threatened to kill him and his daughters.

Last two copies of Guru Granth Sahib to arrive in Delhi from Afghanistan’s Kabul today: Watch

These two Saroops could not be transported to India last year because of the restrictions imposed by the Islamist regime of Taliban.

Nihang Sikhs removed Hindu idols from Sindhi temples in Indore because Guru Granth Sahib was also kept there, video goes viral

Nihang Sikhs objected to presence of both idols of Hindu deities and the Guru Granth Sahib in Sindhi temples, and removed the idols

Sindhi community in Indore submits Shri Guru Granth Sahib from temples to a Gurudwara as demanded by Nihang Sikhs – All you need to...

Members of Sindhi community submitted Shri Guru Granth Sahib from their temple to Imli Sahib Gurudwara following altercation with Nihang Sikhs

Sikh recruits can keep their turbans and beards throughout Marine Corps Boot Camp: US Federal Court

According to the United States Court of Appeals in Washington, the plaintiffs were enduring severe, immediate, and ongoing damage to the exercise of their faith as a result of the restriction. 

Veer Baal Diwas – A tribute to the 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh’s four sons who were executed by the Mughals

The four Sahibzade Khalsa warrior princes were the sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji.

As AAP pushes for life imprisonment or ‘more’ for blasphemy, here is how they are making things worse

This stricter laws on blasphemy is only a sure shot way to increase and encourage lynchings and justify it by 'sacrilege' or 'blasphemy'.

Congress, TMC and CPM push the false narrative on CAA yet again, even after it led to an anti-Hindu riot 2 years ago: Details

Addressing a function in the national capital on the 553rd Prakash Parv of Guru Nanak Dev, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the importance of the Citizenship Amendment Act that was passed in 2020

Bandi Chhor Diwas: Read about the significance of Diwali in this Sikh festival

Sikhism has its roots in Hinduism and in recent years there have been attempts to create a wedge between the Hindu and Sikh community.

Punjab: Two Sikh groups fight over the post of presidency in a Gurudwara in Faridkot, caught on video

A fight broke out in the German colony's Gurudwara Sahib in Faridkot where two Sikh groups clashed with each other.

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