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Somnath temple

Did you know: The Somnath temple idol was smashed into four pieces, and buried inside Jama Masjid, Ghazni Palace entrance, Mecca, and Medina

The idol of hallowed Somnath Temple was smashed into 4 pieces by Mahmud of Ghazni during his 16th raid

Taliban names special military unit ‘Panipat’ invoking the victory of Ahmed Shah Abdali over Marathas in the 1761 Panipat war

Taliban has decided to name a special military unit as Panipat - in reference to 18th-century Afghan zealot Ahmed Shah Abdali

Destruction of Somnath temple and its reconstruction by Sardar Patel carry big messages for us: PM Modi while inaugurating circuit house in Somnath

PM Modi said that as we wish to learn from our past, places of culture and faith like Somnath are in the centre of that

Dear Haqqani, your Ghaznavi tried multiple times to erase us, but we kept rising. Somnath Temple now stands tall and beautiful for all of...

Anas Haqqani, leader of the Islamist group Haqqani Network on Tuesday visited the tomb of Mahmud Ghaznavi, who attacked the Somnath temple in Gujarat in 10th century 17 times and even broke the idol.

‘Humanity always wins over terrorism, Lord Shiva helps creation sprout even from ruins’: PM Modi launches key projects at Somnath

Hailing the cultural and religious significance of Somnath and the 12 Jyotirlings of India, PM Modi stated that it is Lord Shiva who lets the seeds of development sprout and grow even from the ruins of destruction.

Gujarat: Hindu Samaj stops AAP leader Italia from performing Darshan at Somnath Temple, had insulted Brahmins and rituals

Gopal Italia has filed a complaint with the police accusing the BJP of leading an attack on him during is visit to Somnath Temple.

Gujarat: Somnath Temple Trust steps in to help ease the oxygen crisis amid coronavirus pandemic

Shree Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra’ has also announced the setting up of an oxygen plant at an estimated cost of Rs 55 lakh in view of the Coronavirus crisis.

Maulana Irshad, who had hailed Ghaznavi’s attacks on Somnath Temple, arrested by Gujarat Police from Panipat

Maulana Rashid, creator of the viral video praising Ghaznavi's destruction of Somnath Temple arrested by Gujarat Police from Panipat.

Maulana from viral video praising Mahmud Gaznavi’s attacks near Somnath Temple booked by Gujarat Police, issues apology

The Maulana whose video hailing Mahmud Ghaznavi's attacks outside Somnath temple went viral yesterday was identified as Irshaad Rasheed.

Man hails Mahmud Ghaznavi for bringing ‘glory to Islam’ by desecrating and looting Somnath Temple, video recorded nearby goes viral

In the viral video, the man hails Mohammad Ghaznavi for the invasion and plundering of the Somnath Temple.

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