Tuesday, January 31, 2023


terror attack

Jerusalem: Juvenile terrorist shoots at two Jews, a day after deadly terror attack

Hamas spokesperson, Hazem Qaseem, hailed the terror attack and dubbed it as a 'heroic action' and a 'continuation of resistance' against Israelis.

Israel on high alert after deadly Jerusalem synagogue shooting, thousands of Palestinians celebrate the attack with firecrackers, sweets and Allah hu Akbar chants

In connection with a fatal shooting at a synagogue in East Jerusalem on Friday, Israeli police have detained 42 persons

Jerusalem: Palestinian terrorist kills 7 Jews, injures 3 others in a deadly attack, Hamas celebrates with fireworks in the streets of Gaza

21-year-old Palestinian terrorist went on a killing spree and gunned down 7 Jews outside a synagogue in Neve Yaakov in East Jerusalem.

Delhi Police uncover terror conspiracy to carry out targeted killings of politicians ahead of Republic Day: Details

Delhi Police has launched a search for four people suspected to be part of terror conspiracy to execute targeted killings.

Iranian man arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning Islamist terror attack, read details

The Iranian national was arrested in Castrop-Rauxel near Dortmund on suspicion of procuring toxins, including cyanide and ricin to carry out a terror attack, Politico reported citing German authorities. 

Terrorists opened fire after confirming the identities of Hindus: All we know so far about the terror attack and explosion in Jammu’s Rajouri

On January 1, 2023, two heavily armed terrorists barged into the houses and opened fire at Hindu families in the Dangri village near the Rajouri district in Jammu

Khalistani terror org SFJ claims responsibility for the rocket attack on police station in Tarn Taran, police suspect cross-border terrorism

Khalistani terrorist organization Sikh for Justice has claimed responsibility for the rocket propelled grenade attack on Punjab's Tarn Taran PS

Punjab: Police station attacked with suspected rocket in Tarn Taran, terror alert had been sounded off days ago with police stations being possible targets

In the border area of Tarn Taran, a police station has been attacked by a suspected rocket launcher-like weapon

Mangaluru Blast: Suspicious satellite phone was active in the area a day before the explosion

Shariq was reportedly visiting forest areas in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and other southern states in order to establish ISIS terrorist module.

Mangaluru blast case: Accused Shariq dealt in cryptocurrencies to execute the terror operation, received funds online from Middle East

The central agencies noted that Shariq and his handlers used cryptocurrencies and the dark web to make the financial transactions and received funds online to execute the blast. Shariq traded in bitcoins and received funding online from the Middle east for the terror operation.

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