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‘The Telegraph’ moves R Rajagopal to Editor-at-Large role, usual suspects cry foul after he is replaced by Sankarshan Thakur

R Rajagopal has been working with The Telegraph since 1996 and assumed the position of Editor in 2016.

Fact Check: Did Telegraph put out a Simpsons cartoon, showing ass to TMC govt, to protest the arrest of its journalist

Opindia cross-verified The Telegraph e-papers for September 11-12 but found no such message or cartoon from the Editor of the newspaper.

Fact Check: The Telegraph misquotes the Centre as saying there is no conclusive evidence of Ram Setu

The Telegraph misquoted Dr Jitendra Singh to claim that the Centre has denied the existence of Ram Setu.

Paper-tigers of Bengal: The Telegraph maintains strategic silence over obscene amount of cash recovered from TMC minister’s aide

May be, the Telegraph, which takes so much pride in its headlines except, has no courage at all to hold West Bengal government or Mamata Banerjee into account or report on things that are happening in its own backyard in West Bengal.

How The Telegraph used the ‘spread of classical music in Kolkata’ to glorify conversion and evangelical work that marred Bengal

The Telegraph notoriously uses the 'spread of classical music in Kolkata' to glorify conversion and evangelical work in West Bengal

Some expected headlines if Ravish Kumar or Prannoy Roy were investigated, much less kicked with boots, choked, tortured by police like Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami was assaulted by the Mumbai Police and yet, the silence of the mainstream media is deafening.

No ‘witty’ headline on first page: Scared of Mamata Banerjee, Telegraph ignores police brutality on BJP workers during protests

The BJP protest and police crackdown on it was carried on sixth page of Telegraph, with first devoted to article on cotton and silk sarees

Broken moral compass: How the media came together to defend Netflix’s paedophile movie ‘Cuties’

Netflix's Cuties has been slammed by people across the board for the sexualisation of children but the media has continued to defend it.

Kolkata’s Telegraph reports satirical tweet as real to show Modi govt banning TikTok in poor light

In a bid to prove that Central government ban on Chinese apps like TikTok was a bad decision, Kolkata based leftist portal 'The Telegraph' today reported a satirical tweet as real.

Ambedkarnagar Police busts fake news spread by UP Congress, Samajwadi Party and others regarding death of young boy Rizwan amidst coronavirus lockdown

Ambedkarnagar Police has refuted claims made on social media that one Rizwan Ahmad died after being beaten by the Police.

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