Saturday, April 10, 2021


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Progressives against Hinduism: Far-Left propaganda rag The Telegraph campaigns against ‘Putran Dehi’

The Telegraph is asking its readers to chant 'Santanan Dehi' instead of 'Putran Dehi' during Durga Puja prayers.

Find your spine in Mamata’s purse, Telegraph

The Telegraph, in a report on the Battle of Jadavpur, concluded that Babul Supriyo was equally responsible for the violence despite the fact that he was a victim of unprovoked violence.

The Telegraph wrongly identifies pro-Kashmir integration activists as those protesting against abrogation of Article 370

The Telegraph wrongly attributing pro-Kashmir integration march held by Kashmir Youth Movement as 'protests against' the government of India's decision

The Telegraph wants to win a media rat race to the bottom of the pit with its headlines, but in the end, it will...

The Telegraph headline screams "PARTITION". While the Telegraph prides itself in being cheeky with its headlines, at this historic moment, their headline should ideally amount of fanning tensions in the Indian State and toeing the Pakistan line.

Model-actress and cancer survivor Lisa Ray exposes Telegraph for inherent sexism

Instead of publishing an author image, The Telegraph published a sensuous picture of Lisa Ray with her article.

The Telegraph joins the Opposition, article by Editor claims removing Modi from power is the only hope for India’s ‘redemption’

The editorial article The Telegraph sheds all veils of neutrality, insinuates the Indian society cannot hope to redeem itself if it chooses Modi again.

Fact-check: The Print and The Telegraph spread dangerous lies about Polio vaccine in India

It is indeed worrisome how big media like The Print, which is run by the Editors Guild chief Shekhar Gupta, no less and The Telegraph spread rumours and lies about the Polio vaccine

Purushartha means manhood? Dear Liberals, it’s time you rise above your mickey

It goes on to show that the elitists in The Telegraph are so detached from the cultural ethos of the Indian nation that they fail spectacularly to translate even a word as well known as 'Purushartha'.

Accidental Media: Here is how Narendra Modi’s travel expenses were twisted without comparing it to UPA era

The Telegraph published a report calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi an 'accidental tourist' for his foreign trips.

Kanwariya lynched to death, The Telegraph’s headline paints the victim as the perpetrator

Mob drags kanwariya from a vehicle and beats him to death in Bihar

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