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New visuals of Shivling inside Gyanvapi compound surface; Swastika, Trishul and Lotus motifs found engraved on walls

New visuals from Gyanvapi compound show Swastika, Trishul and Hindu motifs engraved on the walls of the basement.

AltNews cofounder calls ‘Trishul Deeksha’ ceremony of Bajrang Dal as ‘arms training camp’, joins Islamists in fearmongering

Mohammed Zubair went on to retweet Islamists like Irena Akbar who called the Trishul Deeksha ceremony a terrorist training camp.

Controversial ‘poet’ who wrote the ‘condom on Trishul’ poem, faces massive protests at Silchar, Assam

Bandyapadhyay's poem had created a massive controversy for hurting the sentiments of Hindus and in March a complaint was also lodged against the poet in Siliguri

Ram Guha and Harsh Mander reach the same destination of bigotry, they just take two different paths

There is no disagreement here, they packaged the same bigotry differently

American filmmaker shocked after not finding ‘entrails of minorities hanging by trees in India’

Disclaimer: This post is (obviously) a spoof and not real.

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