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‘Did your mother feed these b*tches while menstruating’: Devdutt Pattanaik suffers another meltdown on Twitter, hurls filth

Through his tweet, Pattanaik went on to take a sly on Modi government, as he claimed that the proponents of 'Hindutva' were using the 'kagaz' or documents, which according to him was popularized by Muslim kings, to terrorise poor and Muslim women in the country.

‘Mythologist’ Devdutt Pattanaik has faced his yet another epic meltdown on Twitter, who resorted to hurling sexist and filthy abuses against Historian True Indology and his family.

On Wednesday, Devdutt Pattanaik took to Twitter to express his opinion on the ongoing debate regarding the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act in the country. Through his tweet, Pattanaik went on to mock Modi government, as he claimed that the proponents of ‘Hindutva’ were using the ‘kagaz’ or documents to terrorise poor and Muslim women in the country.

According to Pattanaik, ‘kagaz’ or use of paper was popularized by Muslim kings in the country.

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“Hinduism chuckles at the irony,” said Pattanaik while assuming for himself that he was taking a dig at the Modi government over the issue of the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Pattanaik in his tweet, not only went on to make false assertions on the Citizenship Amendment Act but also altered a history a bit to suit his narrative. As far as his claim on the government asking Muslim women to submit their ‘kagaz’ or documents is concerned, it is plain fear-mongering and false propaganda as no government authorities have asked any individual of the country to submit documents.

By claiming that proponents of Hindutva, which according to Pattanaik is the Modi government, has been pushing Muslims to show ‘kagaz’, the self-proclaimed Mythologist indulged in a blatant disinformation campaign.

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A social media user was quick to counter Pattanaik on his claim of Muslim rulers popularising the ‘kagaz’ and presented his argument to reject Pattanaik’s claim. The user took a dig at Devdutt Pattanaik for his unverified claims, said, Rahul Gandhi was more intelligent than him.

Pattanaik, who himself has a habit of making incendiary comments against others, however, did not take the comments made by social media user lightly. Instead, he began to hurl filthy abuse at the user and dragged Historian True Indology to the conversation despite the fact that the historian had nothing do with the issue.

Abusing True Indology, shockingly Pattanaik suffered a severe meltdown and made vile sexist comments on the mother of the historian.

The disgusting comments made by Devdutt Pattanaik on True Indology did not go well on social media as netizens attacked the ‘Mythologist’ for his deranged behaviour.

Historian True Indology, who has received tonnes of abuses in the past not only by Devdutt Pattanaik but also by left-wing historians for exposing their false historical claims, took to Twitter to respond to mindless rant of Pattanaik.

Slamming Pattanaik for his sexist remarks, True Indology questioned Industrialist Anand Mahindra for employing habitual offender like Devdutt Pattanaik. The Twitter Historian asked what rights does Pattanaik has to talk about Hindu scriptures and religion.

Listing out all the vile hateful abuses made against him by Devdutt Pattanaik, True Indology tagged Anand Mahindra and asked whether the industrialist would condone the behaviour displayed by the ‘Mythologist’. “Don’t you have any shame? Does he also talk to your mother and wife like this,” asked True Indology.

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